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Whitney Press Shot

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i can’t forget you ..............................

Just one of the many beautiful pictures of Whitney. Oh how I feel for her. I'm just one person but I so wish that I could have been there for her, although I know she had so many that were there for her.
It's been almost two months now and I can't quit listening to her songs and watching her videos, especially "I Have Nothing". She was so beautiful with that one single curl on her forhead and belting out that song like no other could.
I still miss Whitney. Just from catching up with her music and videos these past couple of months I know she was truly a lovely person with such a good heart. I just wish she was still in this life but I know she is watching over her precious daughter and Mother and family and all of her beloved fans.

i loved whitney since the day i saw and heard her music. i was only 7 years old now im 10. im just thankful i got to see her before she passed. she told me as long as i live i should never give up on being a star like her. then she gave me a hug and a kiss then signed my picture of her. the entire time she was singing she was looking at me. she talked to me after the show was over but she said for me to never forget that i met her and i didn't my name is taliyah and im very happy. im just trying to get noticed out there i want to sing just like her so wish me luck. if you are someone famouse and you will like to speake to me my e mail is taliyahtalley@yahoo.com

Nice photo. If you have one of her sitting that would be nice

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