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Whitney Press Shot

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She looked great in the eyes of me and millions of other fans out there which always pray to see her in the music globally. she got that sincere and loyal smile toward public, the smile that promises us to stand strong against any difficulties. She will remain strong for god,her mom, lovely Christina, relatives and loyal fans.

Whitney no matter what people said about you im still a fan of yours they just fail to remember that out in the world no one is perfect and we all go through our ups and downs and better late then never we correct the mistake and come back for the best and with your head up high cause your still loved by lots of people .......lots of hugs

She looks stunning and so natural! Very nice dress. She looks gorgeous and very elegant.

OOOhh.. You are beautiful!!!! Godlike!

I thank God for you.

For several years, I personally missed you in the music industry, but thank goodness you are back with a big bounce! I am the happiest person for you and have loved you since I was a child, listening to all your songs. You are blessed among your equals and you stand out. You even look more stunning in your 40s. You are a testimony.

May the Lord continue to take you to greater heights. Big up and more grease to your elbow!

Yours is the only fan site I am registered with because you are special.

Your biggest fan,

Steppy.(singing<:-P) Sometimes luv will come around and it will knock you down,will knock you down, just keep up the faith.

The album bad..it bad..it bad..it bad!!.....and by that I mean it's REALLY GOOD! Welcome back Whitney!

All i have to say she is truly blessed and she looks like her cousin dion warwick a beautiful and talented family i am a huge fan of her's and i just love her new cd. Please keep them coming whitney boo...

Her buty is out of this world,she has truly been blessed in the heavens.......Whitney,nothing,no one can stop you cos you are a standard!

You're a Queen ever and ever!