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BET Celebration Of Gospel

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Whitney gives me the inspraition to sing cuz her voice is def. 1 in a million NO1 will ever be able to sing like Ms. Whitney Houston. I still cant believe this unexpected TRAGEDY but good has taken 1 of his soliders and his BEAUTIFUL angels home were they need to be instead of here on hell. Your gone but will NEVER be 4 gotten R.I.P. WHITNEY HOUSTON my prayers go out to BOBBI KRISTINIA AND mS. CISSY HOUSTON. Bobbi Kristinia know that god is with u and your mother is watching over u always I lost my mother at 19 and Im 28 now so i no how u feel she was my life and she was taken to be in gods army early too.

Whitney was amazing and phenomenal and she has been my inspiration my whole 18years of my life she made me want to sing and I accomplished it I'm a singer and its all thanks to God and to whitney I was never so lucky too have met her but she left her mark on my heart she will always be in my heart and I love her always she's my saving grace