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Nothin But Love Tour - Copenhagen

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What a great pic Smile

Love her!!! Regardless, Even though, No matter what...........

This photo is marvellous. The show in Copenhagen too.

i love u i love u i love u Whitney !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u play sucha major roll in who i am today u are one of the people when i was a kid was totally amazed with !!!! God bless !!!!

God has given you an amazing gift that touches the hearts and souls of
multitudes of people. Thank you for blessing the world, and thank you for blessing me.
Please, don't ever stop singing!
God Bless You,
Vonda McFarlane

She is soo beautiful woman! God Bless YOU, Whitney!

Whitney, you are a gift to all your fan. i just you to know i love still and may God continue to bless you more for me. amen

love her always not matter what, regardless of all. i will always love whitney

Everybodys search'n for a hero, ppl need someone to look up to ,Whitney that is YOU. LOVE YOU ALWAYS GAYLE 317-435-5188

..Love this Picture..She looks awesome!!..So elegant, so beautiful..Thank you Whitney!!..Thank you so much!!!..God bless you!..