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Whitney Houston "Nothing But Love" Tour

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whitney bendiciones para ti recuerda que con DIOS todo sin EL nada. En medio de los constante cambios de la vida, Dios dice siempre precente y guia tus pasos. att noely saludos desde PUERTO RICO D.T.B Laughing out loud Cool Laughing out loud

Dearest Whitney,
I do hope you read this. I know you feel lonely sometimes, even in crowds, even with your loved ones around you. I understand your loneliness. It's because you have so much love inside, and you want to share love and be loved. The depth of your love is not understood by many. The thing is, you will never find fulfillment in people's love, because you first have to find out what love really is. Love is not what we tend to think it is, love is not outside, not something you can get from anyone. Love is what you are, your essence, that which you exist of, and only when you fully blossom into being love, untill then you will feel lonely. Why do we want to be in love? Why do we want to be wtih someone we love? Because of that beautifull feeling we have at those moments. When that feeling is not there anymore, we do not want to be with the person anymore. So it's not about the person. This beautiful feeling comes from inside of you, it's not the person who gives it to you, just watch and see, it rises up from within you. And only if you can understand that your inner being is love, and what you really are longing for is that inner being of love, and when you fully blossom into that inner love, that being love, then you wil never long for love from someone else anymore, because you will always be in that state of love, no matter what. Whitney, you are one person who has the ability to reach that state, I can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice. Just keep true to yourself, and leth no one distract you from your own truth, then one day you will reach that state, and you wil definitely always be in love.
Pls know that I really, really understand and know how you feel inside. When I look to you I feel your pain, I feel your love, I feel your longing. You are really blessed.
All the love there is,

I am so glad , because your life give me hope that I will have a better life. When you sing I look to you , you sing words of my life not only a music with your wonderful voice you sing life, because each word is important to me and I always heard your song.Thank you Whitney .It's wonderful believe the same God that you believe.Grrace and Piece for you . I love you so much .I pray for you each day.Kisses Marcia.

Ela está LINDA,PERFEITA como sempre foi e sempre será !!! NOTA... Pra ela não existe nota... Whitney "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!"

Why Whitney never had a tour here in the Philippines? Sad :( Sad