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Thank you so much Geraldine for saying what we fans have been thinking all along. Whitney is the greatest and f*ck the media. That speech could not have been any better because it came from the heart and was heartfelt.

It was an awsome, enjoyable, gorgeus evening in Oberhausen and a very personal and emotional performance. Thanks for that. You are a fantastic artist and person.

Hey Whitney-Fans! Hier haben wir die zweite Gruppe der glücklichen Konzertbesucher, die Whitney nach ihrem Konzert in London getroffen haben. Hier könnt ihr euch die glücklichen Fans anschauen!

Klickt hier um alle Fotos zu sehen!

Hier haben wir ein tolles Foto von Whitney beim Auftritt in Antwerpen am Montagabend für euch - aufgenommen von Rudy De Doncker!!!

Oh the review is quite good - and within the criticism, which is only directed at the "talking brakes" they also make a constructive hint how to help it maintain the flow of the concert. They see that she has to take brakes and it´s OK, they just say it seems as if she´s left there alone and it adds to nervous talk. They suggest the band should wrap the talk within music arrangements. But as I said earlier, the media always interprete it more negatively - you could also see that this shows more realness and adds to the connection.
seems she didn´t sing IWALY - wow!

Dopo avervi proposto l'intensa performance di I Look At You dal concerto di Roma, oggi balliamo con Whitney ed il pubblico che gremiva il Forum di Assago il 3 maggio scorso... sulle note di I Wanna Dance With Somebody!

First I have to say:
"Thank you Geraldine so much to let Whitney know what her real Fans think about her and the concerts !!!"

If I would have the chance maybe in Future to say something to Whitney then I would prefer maybe to sing to her:
"My love is your love" Smile

I am happy all of you guys who were at the concert had have fun with our Nippy Girl Smile

Here`s a german article first bad review but in the end a good review, also mention about a Fan speech:

yeah she shore will im my freind is gonig to manchester and whish i could go so ill be sure to let you know how the final date went Smile:)Smile:)Smile:)

Is this concert cancelled after all? Can't really believe that it could be cancelled.

Jesus you died for us, for all our shortcomings, sin and pain. Remind Whitney and us allways, that we are free and have freedom in your forgiveness. Bless her with your grace.

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