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Dear God our Father thru Jesus Christ, I pray that your message thru Whitney reaches her audience for the length of the scheduled tour in Europe..please provide Whitney with tranquility and will good to surround her and renew her desire and energy to see the finish line...Heavenly Father she has fans of like soul and she has many who are drawn to her because you created her perfect in the now as we all our beautiful in your eyes love us whole as we are..In Jesus name I pray for peace in the world and the ability to enjoy the creativity that lies within us all...allow Whitney to sing and

Hey Whitney fans! Here's the second group of lucky concert goers who got to meet Whitney Houston after her "Nothing But Love" Show in London. Check out the second group of London Travel Package buyers here!

Whitney's London Meet & Greet #1

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AMEN to that. It's a brilliant thread & an even more brilliant thought. Thanks.

...don´t you think it could also depend on the manner how you voice your criticism?! IMO it does... also if you voicing subject view as such and refrain from generalizations and personal reproaches...

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