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lol,,trouble makers sure give a good laugh.
Tho very common to come across people who arent fond of diehard fans.Its obviously a jealousy thing.
Nice to read the positive reviews.
But funnier to read an oline b**** money is on the mega

I would have loved a video and single release of call you tonight.
Great song.

Im praying Whitney sorts out what ever dramas she is having vocally and physically,leaves Arista records and comes back biggger and better than ever,she still has got it,no doubt about that.Tho I have to say that as a fan,Im hanging by a thread,and I certainly hope that after the tour,things change for the better.

Im so glad Im not the only one who thinks a change would be for the better,this would surely be a good thing.

I'm with Gismo - brilliant thread and thought.

God pleas bless Whitney with your grace and help her get through the rest of her concerts with the same desire that she started with. AMEN.

Thanks for the info.

I wonder if nobody wants to change this and found an official fan club? To whom official can one put this question? Is there an email or something where I can write to???

Thanks for the answers Smile

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