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It's common knowledge now that Clive didn't want Whitney to tour but instead promote the album, release more singles, vids, and high profile appearances. He knew she wasn't ready for a full on world tour and pretty much said so during the promo interviews last fall. This accounts for the lack of statements from Clive/Arista despite of all the negative PR. Whereas before, Clive would be the first to jump up and defend her off key performances. I've heard this not just from fans with so-called insider info but a few radio dj's have said the same. Guess word is getting out now.

Its a wrap...stop beggin them to do something they should have known to do on their must be a staff shortage or someone at the record lable is twisted....Call u 2nite..Worth It...4 the lovers..Nothing but love..and yes Salute..SOMEONE IS SLEEPING AT THE WHEEL AND HAS NO CLUE THAT THEY HAVE PASSENGERS!!!!!!.....SHAME!!!.....HOWEVER,, all WHITNEY FANS...she is a singer...she knows what to do...we are patient fans and we know how to ride!!!!

Thank u bernard..its a shame..I know they put this site together after the platinum club...but it would be nice to see J Records give Whit the attention they give Alicia, Jennifer, and that other chic..i forget her name ..she sounds a lil like Mariah..she won the xfactor in Europe..oh yes Leona Lewis...just a joke...J records always looking for a substitute for Whit..trying to mix up a formula to emulate her 30 year careeer to stretch their dollars...instead of making sure the QUEEN OF ARISTA get her due...there is no reason we shudnt have the release of Call u 2nite..Worth it..Nothing but lov

So what if Whitney did the tour for money? People were willing to pay and see her. I'm not mad at Whitney. I don't believe she did the tour for money. I believe that after this tour Whitney should take some time off and rest and enjoy herself. There is plenty of time to schedule a world tour of the USA. There will not be an erosion of her fanbase. Once a Whitney fan, always a Whitney fan. She does have a life you know.

Hello mamãe!
Você é a mãe mais bonita e talentosa que já conheci, te amo muitão e tudo que eu mais gostaria era poder estar ao seu lado e quando bate o desespero olho pro ceu e imagino que vc é a estrela brlhante e abraço meu corpo pra amenizar a saudade.beijos!

Thanks for the audios - I like the new profile name. Smile

Video of Whitney arriving at her hotel.

Review from

Just got back from Antwerp concert and I taped a whole lot, so stay tuned for those. I lost buckets of sweat because it was so hot in the arena. But lemme tell you guys this: the audience was the best ever! She got showers of love and support! Although I have to admit her voice had a few hick ups, and the belting didnt always come out the way she wanted, but she got away with that and luckily her head register was there!

Ftl: amazing intro, black outfit with glitters!
Nbl: the long live note on LOOOOVE was mindblowing!

There is no "official" fan club,this is it.The Whitney houston platinum club died out when Whitney was out of the spot light for 7 years,and eventually when things started to stir up again,they revamped the platinum club to "",which had next to nothing on that site.Then with all the hype leading up to the release of "ILTY",the website was again revamped to what it is now.
This is the "OFFICIAL" website,run by sony music and sme online services.

Thanks for sharing "iWhitness",nothing like a new profile name to brighten up your day hey..hehe Smile

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