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Hey Whitney fans! Here's the second group of lucky concert goers who got to meet Whitney Houston after her "Nothing But Love" Show in London. Check out the second group of London Travel Package buyers here!

Whitney's London Meet & Greet #1

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Here is a great photo taken by Rudy De Doncker of Whitney Houston performing in Antwerp on Monday night!!!

Hi Whitney,

Glory be to the Almighty God for your come-back.

Keep Looking unto Him.
Keep Resting on him.
Keep Throwing your cares, challenges, and worries at Him.
He's the burden-bearer.
He'll give you rest.

Finally, He's your strength. You may stumble, He'll keep lifting you up; He won't let you crumble.

Lots of luv.

'Biodun, Nigeria.

The change will come..after the tour...she is a mom..daughter and sister...and a entertainer in a cut throat ..literally...industry...the industry is so messed up right now that the desire to sing is hard to maintain...and desire is the main component for singing..its head and feelings first and then voice...look around you guys?..what is there really to sing about...LOVE? people really love each other ?

Ellen Degeneres has a BRAND NEW RECORD LABLE...Whitney would be a great BIG TICKET....and so would Janet, Bowersox and women that have held the music industry up...its time a woman take charge...CONGATS to ELLEN....If I were Ellen, I would be goin for Whitney for sure!!!!!..Janet did a good job on AMERICAN IDOL..she had sound enhancements but she had a presence that was calming and beautiful...she loves to sing just as Whitney...and Ellens new lable will be ideal for talented greats that the current record lables ignore...I want to work for Ellens lable...

We as fans need to clear the perception of " cancellations"..This tour was planned over 6 months ago...Paris is a stop along the way.....they didnt promote or try to keep their clients..maybe they refunded tickets to early...maybe they didnt cold call the ticket holders and offer incentives..maybe they refuse to give Whitney a 2nd date under fair negotiations..maybe they tried to get a bigger chunk of the initial offer...its not simply getting on stage to sing..what goes on behind the scenes matters too..Each time Whitney hits that stage she gives her all...and her real fans know it..thats wh

... would be nice if it still could happen for Paris...
more positive fan reviews are coming in on the ticket selling webpages...
here´s a compilation (in german though) but if you just try out one message at the googletranslater, you should get it Wink

Thank you so much Geraldine for saying what we fans have been thinking all along. Whitney is the greatest and f*ck the media. That speech could not have been any better because it came from the heart and was heartfelt.

It was an awsome, enjoyable, gorgeus evening in Oberhausen and a very personal and emotional performance. Thanks for that. You are a fantastic artist and person.

Hey Whitney-Fans! Hier haben wir die zweite Gruppe der glücklichen Konzertbesucher, die Whitney nach ihrem Konzert in London getroffen haben. Hier könnt ihr euch die glücklichen Fans anschauen!

Klickt hier um alle Fotos zu sehen!

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