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I Look To You

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I love the "i look to you video" i have 5 of the same cd's of i look to you.....they are a must have ....

Ms. Houston thank you for returning. May God Bless you and keep you close to him. I applaud you for all you have overcome and I am very proud of you......I know you do not know me but you are in my prayers and in my heart. I have always loved you and your gifts to the world...You are incredible....When I was in college years ago I had your posters and records all over my wall and people would laugh to see them and if you came on television with one of your videos they knew not to turn the channel. I think back to those days and remember how you made me feel so happy seeing you. Well after all these years I see you now and I feel the same. I will always be a true fan of yours and who knows maybe one day I can see you in concert or maybe even meet you, it is up to the man upstairs... Again God Bless.

Yes Yes Yes..Beauty Beauty Beauty... Well done Ms. Houston!!
Friend from the Oprah show Sept. 3.... I am so proud of you.
Ms. Ange

This CD is POWERFUL!! I am a HUGE Whitney fan. I knew when it was time, Whitney was going to knock our socks off. And she's done just that. WOW!! This CD is just what I needed. Thank you Whitney. God Bless you and your family. Love Ya!! KLG

absolutely simplicity at it best............I can see her confidence in her singing rebuilding and her voice is getting stronger. I am praying that our creator will restore the instrument he has given Whitney.....................I'm SOOOOOO PROUD OF Her.

Fellow Fans

Whitney EXCEL at Videos and Live Performances. Since we are ECSTATIC about Our GIRL BEING BACK and at the TOP AND PERFORMING on OPRAH! My Brother who is a Social Worker thought it would be excellent to share these live performances that was Pure Awesome, majestic and beyond amazing. I hope you all enjoy our GIRL Doing what she was born to do .............SINGGG!






Hey Whitney;
I absolutely love you. We've missed you.Now that Maxwell has resurface. I think this was definitely the perfect time for u to come back. I dont think this was your best but who cares. Im just happy to see that u have beaten all the odds. I wish u nothing but the best with your success. Thank you for not giving up and remaining true to not only yourself but the fans as well. With this being the comeback on top album, im sorry the sngle wasnt my top pick. One of my favorite songs on the album was the Alicia Keys produced track "Million Dollar Baby" because it was a feel good get off your feet type of song. As for your video, I thought it was definitely intimate with the lighting and all..As usual u look absolutely amazing..

One of your biggest fans;

I have always been a BIG fan of yours Whitney. Started from your debut cd. Your voice is powerful! and touched my soul. I "Run To You" r music when am feeling down as it ease some pain away. "I Believe In You and..." your music. Only the man above has the rights to judge the mankind. We all have issues as nobody is perfect. I understand where you`ve been through and don`t really care what people say negative things about it. All I know is "I Will Always Love You" r music and for who you are who makes and sings beautiful music that makes difference in people`s lives. God Bless You!...Dennis

my dear sister continue to keep JESUS first and ( SHET-DE-DOOR-TO-THE-DEVIL )
may GOD contiuue to bless and keep you and family.

Pastor Ken

Beautiful video for it's simplicity and elegance. She's coming back, and I, for one, actually one of the many, who support and stand by her 100%!!! Thank you, Whitney, for not crumbling, and lifting yourself back up....we are ALL better and wiser as a result....
I love you!

This video is beautiful and strong; Whitney is back! I love you Whitney, keeping them coming.