Improvements for | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Improvements for has never been a larger site than ClassicWhitney or Whitney-Fans, but I want to change that for people who do not want to comment but simply want to review the existing comments and find pertinent information about Whitney Houston. Therefore, let's use this page to help the site developer create new ways to bring people to the site. My first three recommendations are small:

1. Please provide a View column for the forums page, so that we can know how many people are viewing the topic and not just replying to the topic. This will let us know the interest of the viewers.

2. Please allow the owner of the post to delete the entry. As of now, I am only able to edit the post, but not delete.

3. Have Whitney create mini WhitneyBlogs where she is looking into the camera talking directly to her fans.

What is your suggestion?