Sony Music Comments on the Passing of Whitney Houston

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To the family off Whitney;
It was whith deep sadness, when I read she was past a way.
I remeber when I was a young teenager, when the song " I wanna dance whith somebody who loves me" came out.
I remeber that the song makes happy, and the other day, when I think back to that time, the song still makes me happy Smile
I hope we here in Denmark will see the movie "Sparkel", and I will love to se it.

I hope in time the family, will live un. I know its hard too lose the ones we love so much, I lost my parents when I was a young girl.

Thank you, for your wonderful music, Whitney. It will always make a smile on my face.
I will say the same, as Kevin Costner said in his speek to you " you are wonderful"

Love from
Lotte Miller, Denmark.