To Whitney, the most talented and beautiful singer of the history

Dear Whitney,

just yesterday evening, I was watching "The Bodyguard" and thinking about your talent, grace, and... ...of course, voice! Yes, you are "The Voice" - it's undeniable - and you will be it forever!
The music industry would not have become like it is, if your incredible, astonishing performances would not have characterised it for decades: your movements, your infinitely talented way of singing and personality are the best proof of your inimitable charisma.
Your extraordinary gift and beautiful personality will continue to inspire thousands of singers worldwide: nonetheless, you are and will be the only one, last "Queen of Pop"... ...I will miss you!
Whitney, you are now part of the history of music and nobody will forget your incomparable voice and talent! For sure, not! Thank you so much for all your amazing performances and, especially, for the gig on 3th of May 2010 in Milan, which was the best concert of my life.
Thank you again and rest in peace.