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Jesus he's been with you all the time

Hello Whitney

When you read this,i pray that GOD renew your spirit in him, for the joy of the lord is your strength.
so i just had to write and tell you how much that know, that GOD loves you and cares for you. But you know this, because he weaks you up each and ever day of your life, to glorify him with the life he gives us. life is fill of hills and valleys, and some times we get stock in the valley on way too the mountain top. Because we start thanking about the problems in our life more than we thank about GOD. Whitney i pray that you, thank about the word of the lord more then the problems, that seam to be more important. You're more than a CONQUER in CHRIST JESUS, YOU'RE the HEAD not the TAIL, YOU'ER ABOVE ONLY and NOT BENEATH . Whitney the joy of the lord is our strength, my prayer for you is that you fine your JOY. Because when we ask GOD to forgive us of our sens, he put them so for away from us, just as the east is from the west, and he will never bring them up too us again. When we think about our pass they are just our pass, it were we've been not where we're going. GOD go to do great things in your life, because he never left you, he's carring you through the valley your in right now. He's just want on you to tell him you want to get out. So that all the pain and sorrow you've gone through, will tell he lives in you. Just let go of the pass, so that GOD can take you to the mountain top, so that the world can watch you shine for him. Remember Jesus Loves You and so do i, in Christ Jesus. I thank GOD for you and music you've made, now let me see you give it all to the lord. For he's ready to give he's all to you.
GOD bless you and all your in Jesus name.

Thank You
Your Brother in Christ Wayne