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I Look To You

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Whitney is wonderful, this CD is fantastic and current....
its like she never left!

I am so excited I can't stop listening to every song, wonderful

Whitney all my love to u and to the new album, all the best!!
I will always be there with ur music ur voice!
from a Spaniard in Vancouver.

Simmone says : Whitney the album is the best you ever written since your debut and all the songs gave an groovy and funky beat that makes me want to dance on each track . all the best with the record .from your number one fan in montreal quebec canada.

I love this CD...especially track #9

dear whitney
great job on the new cd .
it has been a long coming.... welcome back ...
great job on this album ..you rock ..as always ...
love track # 9 ..
it should hit the nite clubs big time ...
great dance mix to it ...
much love from canada n uk ..

How could we lose faith in Whitney? We all have our roads in life - and sometimes we fall off that path and are not up others' expectations.

Stand back a little, grab some perspective and give the gal a chance - she will not disappoint.

Welcome back, Whitney. We are happy to have you with us, again.

Hello old friend,
I have missed you!

I have been waiting for this day for what seems like a life time and it is finally here. You're back! Let MY calm begin, I have loved you for many years since I was a little girl and now at 35 I realize what you have done for me, you brought me strength and happiness and yes, calmness something that no one else could ever do, your voice your image just you in general can bring me into a different state of mind such is true with your new video it is beautiful and the song is in true Whitney form. It has been a true privilege for my heart.


I just have to say that you are so amazing and your interview on Oprah was totally amazing. I just have to say that you touched my heart so deeply and I am sure many more feel the same. I just love your singing and your new CD is totally brilliant. Great to have you back.