GOD BLESS YOU!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! | The Official Whitney Houston Site


Dear Sis. Whitney Houston,

Hello. My name is Jermain Whitmore, and I am from the U.S., Missouri to be exact. First, to GOD be the GLORY for the MAGNIFICENT work HE has and is doing in your life and the trials/tribulations HE has brought, and is bringing you through! There have been MANY people praying for your recovery and return, and it is so wonderful to have you back! CONGRATULATIONS on your return!!! Your testimony is a Blessed story of Love, Faith, Endurance, and Perseverance; showing the TRUE power of the Love, Grace, Mercy, and Favor GOD has for you, as well as the Wonderful Anointing of the Holy Spirit that is on your life. It is VERY inspiring to see how humble and modest you have become. Many artists now days barely give GOD any recognition or fail to thank HIM at all when given the opportunity, but you continually have given GOD ALL the GLORY every time you are given the opportunity. GOD BLESS you for that!!

Though there are some trials/tribulations and obstacles still ahead for you to face, do not be discouraged or disheartened. Even though you are enduring harsh criticism during your tour overseas, it is excellent that you started your tour over there, because the U.S. is definitely not ready for you yet or the work GOD is performing in your life and through you. People want to talk about everything that was displayed in the news and media and down you for what you did in your life, but they don’t TRULY know your story and all you went through, only you and GOD do. People forget that you are human to and are vulnerable to making mistakes as well. WE all make mistakes, but the difference is one who learns from them, doesn’t repeat them, endures, perseveres, gets back up, and tries again to get it right. It’s amazing how people are quick to criticize when others mess up, but expect and want people to show them mercy when they mess up. As The Bible says, you reap what you sow. So one must GIVE mercy & FORGIVE in order to RECEIVE mercy, grace, and forgiveness; which we ALL need to help us in our times of need. Therefore, GOD will show mercy to those who are merciful. So all those nay-sayers and merciless people who are “trying” to judge you, will be judged by GOD the same way.

GOD is still working on repairing the Gift/Ministry of Song HE has placed in you, and it takes time. Not only to get “The Voice” ready, but to also get your mind/mindset and heart ready as well. So when HE does COMPLETELY restore you, you will have the correct mindset & heart to maintain the NEW Blessings GOD has coming your way. I know, from my own experiences, that smoking can hurt your voice and diminish your vocal range. Though I know it’s hard to stop, it hinders the progress of the body’s ability to repair itself, so I am encouraged with you to try to stop and better my voice as well for the glory of GOD. You and GOD know ALL that you have done and been through, and if your heart is truly sincere, contrite, and repentant, which I’m sure it is; HE will forgive you and will continue to raise you up. Continue to be obedient and committed to GOD and HIS Holy Will as you have been, and let HIM have HIS way with you, and HE will ALWAYS make a way. HE is simply continuing to shape you and mold you the way HE needs and wants you to be, for HE is the Potter and you are the clay. HE is still continuing to humble you through it all. It is all a humbling process so that pride does not get in the way when HE blesses us with HIS promises. For ALL things are controlled and governed by GOD to give and distribute as HE sees fit. Even Satan is under GOD’S control, and he can’t do ANYTHING unless GOD allows it, like with Job for instance. Satan had to get permission from GOD to do all that he did to Job. So, just like Job, continue to press on and see what the end shall be. For, ALL things work together for the good of those who LOVE GOD, and are called according to HIS purpose. Eyes have not seen, and ears have not heard what THE LORD has in store for you!! Your latter SHALL be greater than your past.

So as GOD continues to humble you, continue to give HIM ALL the Praise, Honor, Glory, and Thanksgiving as you have been doing. Continue to stand strong in GOD and keep the Faith. It has ALWAYS been my dream to meet you and attend one of your concerts, and LORD’S willing I will have that chance one of these days. I LOVE YOU & MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY, INFINITELY, INDEFINITELY, EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY, & RICHLY above ALL that you all could ever ask, think, imagine, believe, perceive, want, and need!!! Again, CONGRATULATIONS, THANK YOU for allowing GOD to use you and work through you, and a job well done on persevering & enduring until the end of your tour. You are such an inspiration. GOD BLESS YOU, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN OF GOD!!!