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Copenhagen, DK,Forum,04/06/2010,News Reviews & Multimedia

Just read the following review on from Spaindew Wink

Hello everybody! Where should i start? Pfff... I'm still in shock, honestly.
First of all, me and my friend arrived at the arena (with the banner that pontus made and left with us so
that we could use it today too). There was nobody there ( thank god that the danish do not take lines very seriously; honestly, coming from spain it was quite surprising but at the same time good for us!!!). From that moment we knew we'd be on first row again. Doors opened and me and my friend were the first to enter and run towards the center of the stage!!!
Concert begins, we jump, scream, and clap our hands BUT the rest of the audience too!!! Yesterday was good but today,.... Today was huge!! Absolutely ALL the people in the arena clapping and dancing and loving her. Then, what do we got?? The best Whitney ever!! She was giving it her all, we were giving ourselves to her,and the reverse. It was one if those moments when giving and taking truly, beautifully and magically happens.
Everybody, from the camera guy to the guards, saw the banner,... She saw the banner!!! A moment of silence, she walks the stage, and there i go: can i have your autograph, please, please,please?? And she took my pen and my whitney cd booklet!!!! I started crying like a baby.
Oh well, i liked her clothes today better; the second outfit being a beautiful black dress with very nice shoes. I told her and she responded thank you Smile
yes, i had my moments and i still can't believe it.
As for the songs, the same as in the other concerts, but she cut IWALY and started IDKMOS. No head voice today but she sang much better. Up tempo songs like my love is ur love, it's not right, i wanna dance, i will i know were full of energy and i have't sweat so much in my life!!!
In the slow songs she was relaxed, improvising, trying new things.. Loved it!!!
To sum up, huge concert in copenhagen today! The press was outside and i made sure to say proudly that i had the best time ever!!!
Love u guys!! I'm so happy!