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Concert in Denmark

Hi Whitney

I have just returned from your concert in Copenhagen on 3rd of july. I was so embaressed that a person from the audience asked you to stop talking. It was so rude! So I simply had to create a user account here to be able to write to you.
I attended your concert at the O2 arena in London on 28th of april. I was so happy I did. I also liked your tribute to Michael Jackson, it was so sweet. And furthermore I was glad that I had a ticket for the concert in Copenhagen so that I was able to relive the concert.

This time we brought our two daughters to your concert in Copenhagen and they enjoyed the concert as much as we did. You are definitely back in business. Thank you for at great show! We enjoyed every second of it! You know how to entertain.
It was wonderfulseeing you back on stage!!

I am SO happy that you are back !!!!

God bless you and your family Smile