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Whitney's future plans after NBL Tour?

Just saw this on CW. Kind of disheartening. I don't know how to read into the following statement but seems there is nothing new from Whitney as far as the label is concerned. Maybe from the label's perspective as to what's new from their angle there is nothing but what about possible US Tour, movies, specials, appearances, etc? I hope Richard Palmese's answer isn't generalizing everything. That would be a shame if Whitney just disappears from sight yet again for a few years. If so, then that would give more credence that NBL tour was all about the cash!!!

Any thoughts on this?

From CW.

Hi, there:
long time since I don't write here, although I've been reading you on a regular basis.

Just to let you know, yesterday I emailed the following question to Richard Palmese:

"I would like to ask you, if possible, which will be the next step for Whitney once the European tour is finished. "

And here is what he answered me:

<strong>"There are no plans in place as of today."</strong>

Take your own conclusions....



I just emailed Richard Palmese to be more specific. He said the following.

<strong>Nothing on her schedule for US as of today.</strong>

That means there is NO US tour. Sad. Sad