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Whitney Celebrates Her UK Success!


Whitney finished her run of three London O2 dates in fine form – even after having to use a ferry to Ireland during ‘volcano-gate’ – and was presented with a disc for over 500,000 singles and albums from her US Number 1 album ‘I Look To You’ by her label RCA.

Here is a photo of Whitney with the RCA team in London:

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I´m impressed of this strong woman, from her courage, her love to music and her believing in God.

I wish you all the best Whitney. Should your believing in love give you all the energy you need.


Can´t wait until I will see you on Wednesday in Berlin. I LOVE YOU AND I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!

Well done my favourite lady (apart from my Mum & Sis that is) !! You deserve this success. You are fighting through difficult times and you are showing your strength. Keep fighting on WH and we will be behinde you. I went to the Sun 25th Concert at O2 and it was wonderful to spend the evening with you. You performed with energy and commitment and tried to entertain your loyal fans whilst suffering with your absent Ms Soprano. You charmed us and communicated your love to us so thanks so much for that. I can't think of one truly GREAT female artist in the past 60 years who hasn't had problems to deal with, some have lost out and some have faught on and have won through and become ALL TIME GREATS. You are one of those all time greats WH - keep fighting on and your voice will polish itself back to its former glory although in a different key. We are there for you as you have been for us so many times. We wanna dance with you again we wanna feel the heat !! xx

Well done Whitney!!!! I will never forget London, saw you on 2 of the 3 nights and they were simply the best nights of my life. FANTASTIC!! Hope you tour here again!! I will be buying my tickets straight away!!! Lots of love xxx

And i agree with SMEV-For The Lovers all the way....WICKED SONG!!!!!!!!! Can't stop listening to it!!!!! xxxxxx

I saw Whitney last night at Manchester Arena ...AMAZING!!! I think people who have been and said she's lost it or can no longer sing, need to get their ears checked if im honest. She looked and sounded fantastic!!
I'd say she was the best performer i've seen live... She hit all the notes perfectly!

Well done Whitney & Welcome back!!!!! I hope you come back next year ... i'll definitely be there!! xxxx

Saw you last night in Manchester ! I left the Arena buzzing, You were brilliant and for any critics of your vocal abilities well they must be Deaf because you delivered every song. Make sure you come back again to Manchester ! xxx
P.S Love the Album, my personal favourite is "Like I Never Left".

I was there on the last night of her european tour and I can honestly say I was not disappointed one bit, her vocals was on top form and very strong in every tone. The whole of Manchester Arena was buzzing and she could feel that and thats why her performance was excellent!!. She is a truly amazing woman to keep strong throughout her critised tour, true fans are supposed to support through good times and bad. We all know she can't hit those top notes that she hit 10 years ago so but she's very damn near, why compare her to 10 years ago! I would definitely go and see her again! She was fantastic, I dont quite get the bad press she's got for saying she cant sing cos she's still got it....it never left! xxxxxx

London was amazing.. to see my idol, the woman that i LOVE one row away from me was just mind blowing!!! BEST night EVER!! much love xxxx FAM! xxxx

Well done whitney your are fab xx and you always will be hold your head high i love all your music gets me through the day xxoo Smile :) all the way from ireland xxoo Smile

Miss Houston, you are beautiful. All the bad press is weird because its as if people are dealing with their own issues writing about you. So you're not 20 anymore. But you have filled the world with song and nothing will ever take that way from you, or from your admirers. One of your ballads in particular reminds me of when I was just a pup trying to make sense of the world. It stays with me as all great songs always do. Wishing you many returns to your fans and more music for us to enjoy. But above all, wishing you happiness.