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You can hanndle it

No matter what they'll try (like Mariah will say) you will never get down !
Heal or not, you are "the voice" the one and "only" WHITNEY !!
Even if it was for just a single note, I'll buy the ticket!
Everytime I get in some kind of "none" feeling, I just have to think of you or to listen to any of your music to make me better. And if there was another cure for it, I would'nt want it!
All my friends are getting into your groove, when at first and without listening they were "gossiping".. Meaning that time has no effect, you are, and always be!

From Paris, don't forget.. willl be there on June... don't miss us!
Yours very... MUCH!!
Alexandre, Stéphane, Clémence, Valérie et Marc.. "and" "me" again (Alexandre)!