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Everything with Love

Dear Whitney & fans

Thank you for bringing the 'Whitney Houston show' back to music lovers.

In a decade of plastic music. An industry consumed by money. In an industry only instersted in giving us pop-up artists, lip-syncing dolls and cartoon productions. We have waited for the return of live/real music like a puppy begs for a walk or attention.

So much so that we have years settled for wannabe artists mimicing the greats on reality TV shows.

To be fair some of them have been so much better than the tripe fead to us, but we like the real thing. An artist that grows over the years and who hit their hights through originality and that 'something special'.

In the last decade i can only think of two, cold play and the amazing Jason Mraz.

But lucky for us, you, Whitney Houston, has returned back to mainstream recording, to once again share a very special gift.

'I Look To You' is a warm, funky, modern album that manages to encompass every quality that we love about Whitney.

There has been much talk about the voice. The only thing I would like to say is; the tone, the strength, the uniqueness, the range, the soul and the warmth is still unmistakable Whitney Houston and a world treasure.

'NBL tour' :-

A Russian and Asian lift off!!!

Australia - Well, ummm, maybe being so far around the world its like living in a time warp? maybe they were expecting a music video repilca of all the time Whitney has been played on reality TV shows. A lot of bad press??? Yes but No.

It was the same story copied an paste in every blog. A completely onesided untruthful account of how amazing Whitney was down under and how 99.5% of her fans loved the shows.

Has it damaged Whitney and the tour? NO-WAY. It's sturred more interest and got more people talking.

The Auzzie leg ended on a high leaving everyone waiting for more. 'I Look to You' live performance is becoming the fans favourite.

'Nothin but love' - the next international single has started playing on radio stations. BBC2 has just given it record of the week. America get's 'worth it' (my 18 year old niece's favourite tune).

I beg you Whitney and the label. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE these are amazing tunes and will do huge with the right promotion. So please give a music video and physical CD.