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YESTERDAY (Brisbane Reviews) Were Rough on Me!

WOW, I was full of running emotions yesterday. I started being disappointed, then sad, then embarrassed, then angry at Whitney, then angry at the media, then angry with me. Whew! It was rough.

After listening to the Brisbane clips, it is obvious that Whitney was giving it her all. As a die-hard fan, I heard the beautifulness in her voice. Her ILTL performance is one of my favorites and the small clip of ILTY is not bad at all, the media just kept playing the "rough" part of the song. If I had attended that concert as a die-hard fan, I would not have been disappointed. The fans the media interviewed after the show remind me of how the US media always find the most "unrefined" black person to interview so that they can get some embarrassing highlights. I think that there should be a law against someone saying that Whitney could not entertain a dead rat. The media did not have to show that clip, but did it to solely embarrass Whitney.

I also understand that if you are not a die-hard fan you can be disappointed in the hoarseness, coughing, sweating and wheezing. I do agree that a professional singer should never cough and wheeze through a song; that's just a fact. The skill of a singer is to sing effortlessly where the breath is never noticed. Whitney's breath is sometimes all you hear during the song. I think this is what turned off some of the casual fans off in Brisbane. Most of the news report were regarding her exhaustion and breathlessness. In addition, some fan said that Whitney never sung a complete song. Well, if you came to hear songs of old, you might have been disappointed, because Whitney put those songs in a medley and then she did not sing the second verse of IWALY. But, when you look at those clips you see that Whitney was giving it her all. I especially teared up on the IWALY clip, when I saw her get nervous before the "money" note by squeezing her hands closed then open. She is definitely human who is well aware of her shortcomings, but she keep coming out every night doing her thang.

I wonder what Krissy thinks about all of this. I wonder does she even remember when Whitney was the media's darling and that the world had adulation for her music and beauty. I hope that she does.

Whitney, I will always be a fan for life and keep going on this emotional rollercoaster of a ride with you. See you in April at the London 02 Arena.