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Do you like Whitney's new touring team?

What do you all think about Whitney's new touring team? Personally, I ain't feeling the band or background singers.

I miss hearing Gary's male voice compliment the female harmonies. Sure, the background singers can sing, but they do not compliment Whitney's voice well.

The band does not know how to align the music with her new vocals. She is constantly guiding them through the songs.

Does she have a choreographer for this tour? Even though she doesn't have dancers, she needs a choreographer to set the timing between herself, the band, and the background singers. For example, when Whitney uses her arms to indicate a pronounced drum beat, such as da, da, da, when her arms drop on the third "da," the band is only on the second "da." If any of that made sense, then welcome to the world of Diane Darlingisms.

Overall, I want Whitney's new tour team to make the production more crisp and sharp. What do you think of Whitney's new tour team?