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I Turn To You Whitney as My Sister and My Strenght

Whitney, I've followed your entire career and then the breakdown. As you went through your Dark Journey, I too was in somewhat the same situation. I prayed for you and Bobbi Christina more during those years than I did for myself and my Addiction and Relationships issues.

Time and Time again I prayed "Whitney Come Back To Us...You are our Light and Your Voice is our Foundation for Empowering ourselves." But in God's time He reached down and pulled us back up on our Own Two Feet. And when I play I Salute You. I don't really Salute the negative Men in my Past Life that pulled and held me down.

No My Sister, I Salute you for being open enough to make that Cut that all women should turn to when they are in unhealthy relationships of Anykind. Salute them and Let them Go. I now "Turn to You" through this wonderful Anthology of Music you've released as my tool and for the women I counsel where I work to Stand on Your Own Two Feet and Let God Guide Our Steps.

God Bless You.....I Love You...and for the nasayers and slayers of your music, your God given Gifts, I Salute them also. You are So Beautiful to me and Millions More my Sister