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Whitney Houston -

Im not going to sit here and tell you anything but THANK YOU! Thanks you for letting me know what singing is, what feeling is in music, what being a real person is, what living life is about, what its not always perfect but it always happens perfectly, that love is hard but the love saves us. Whiteny Someone or something was saving all there love for wer just had to turn to them!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I believe in God because .... when I hear you sing, I know there is a God. You are song, you are singing, everyone else before and after will never know, NEVER know or come close to you.

If your not song, i dont know what is.

I listen to your CDs and listen to EVERY bit of live music I can find of you on the net, it just amazes me how every time you sing a song, its a new gift. Whitney HOUSTON please hear this, you are THE VOICE. the only ever.

and you be you girl, the good and bed, the hurt and happiness. It is exactly what its supposed to be, you are a success beyond what you could ever think.

I love u