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Did you know you can write a review of Whitney's new album right here on WhitneyHouston.com? Head over to the Music Section and click Review to let everyone know what you think of Whitney's new album.

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Wow You are great,
I myself had been sick with breast cancer off and on and survived it twice and became additcted to pain killers started playing you new album and crying and falling a sleep only to wake up feeling a little better. Guess what? I was so into the album I forgot to take the pain pills Yeah!!!!!
I have started to excercise while playing your album and I have set a gaol to loose 50 pounds I at 298 now.
I know longer call on undesirable people to bring me down and Sunday I went to church. You lift me up you are truly a inspiration to me during my quiet storm.
It is a battle aganist the wind, with the Grace of God and inspiring women like you I can have faith again Thank You Sister.!!!!!!

I´m sure that in “I look to you”, you were looking to the only one who could help and free you. I hope you keep looking to Him.
“lift up my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalms 121:1-2

And I hope the faith that “kept you alive” is not a faith in you but in Him. There´s more he can do. May God be with you wherever you go.

Right now Salute is my favorite. I can not stop singing it (horribly, Whitney would die if she heard me sing her song).

Love the new album. Great comeback Whitney. You haven't missed a step. Keep up the good music.

As expected, whitney has once again garnered enough media support to launch her back to the top of the charts. Favorite tracks of mine are thus far (Million Dollar Bill, Salute, Call u tonight, and A Song For U. thank you Whitney.

She's back...Can't wait for the remixes....

I am really enjoying each track! I have missed Whitney for so long. I can't wait to get the album!

That's my Girl i am so happy for you whitney. I love you all the tracks are off the sheezy... Keep it up girl can't wait to see you in concert.

Dave Atlanta

Whitney, you still have the pipes but you need another producer instead of Clive Davis. It's an OK album but he made you sound like so many others instead of retaining the the special sounds of your voice and singing.

You need to get back to your roots and get someone like Chips Moman to produce some Whitney hits that you're more than capable of doing. Clive has you singing Broadway and that ain't Whitney.

Sorry but that's an honest informed opinion.

I also meant to add, the album will probably sell big because it's you.

You still look fine too.

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