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Whitney's Performance on Oprah Leaves Oprah Amazed!


Check out Oprah's latest tweet from Whitney's taping!

"In search of ceiling repairmen. Cause Whitney just BLEW THE ROOF off of Harpo. Grown men & women weeping in the aisles."

Don't miss the most anticipated music interview of the century when Oprah interviews Whitney on September 14th and 15th!

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Praise be to God, I am so grateful that God kept you in his will. I prayed for your return, there was no doubt in my heart . I am so so glad that you are back, sister may you and your family be blessed and favored . Glory !!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank God.He is so just, he's God like that! Just know that there is nothing to hard for God,
may you all stay encouraged. Much love I've always loved your music and your voice.You are a stare, an one of a kind woman. Just keep looking up and climb higher and higher, welcome back.

Gurl!! I have been waiting for you on the edge! I couldn't wait anymore for your new 'product'! It's so f*ck*n awsome! I have always loved you...I was there in the 'get go'....I'm goin on 41 on 09-09. There Is Something Higher - I look to it! (I Look To You)

Keep it up....all the way, Whitney!! Go-On-Gurl!

What a mighty God we serve! While the world casted judgement, the Lord had already delivered you. May the love of Christ and glory of our Father be with you.

.....hay Whitney .....I already wait to see you again......big kiss from Croatia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And her new video? When we could see her new single at MTV, VH1, BET??

So Emotional!!!
Crying hot tears to see Whitney was back again, back on stage, back on her feet. The great pains she suffered, the severe blows that struck her............
This amazing woman gave us so much joy. How is it possible that we human people are so cruel to our stars, when life is giving them hard times and their fame is confusing them?

I am so relieved that this beautiful woman survived and did not give up the fight called life.

Go Whitney!!!

Welcome home I so glad to hear your voice again. I was is the club last night they were palying your songs and they were dacing like crazy you bring such good engry to the club. Glad to hear something that mean something.

I am so excited about your new album. My favorite song is "I didn't know My Own Strength". I can relate alot and am encouraged my the words from that song. Being a born again christian I am empowered by 2Tim 1:7 'For God did not give us the spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind.
Many love you Whitney. Don't ever stop singing. You were given a very powerful gift from God!!!!

One more thing, I would love for you to visit central Florida. I would love to see you in concert. I really love your music. One of my favorite albums was from the preacher's wife. The 23rd Psalm was my fav song on that album.


I have never stopped being a fan! I loved "Just Whitney" album just as much as ALL the others!!

I look to you will be another Whitney classic! I am so glad you are back! Thanks, but as much as a fan that I am I was gettin tired of repeating all your music, LOL.

Thanks again Whitney, On behalf of all your fans we thank you!!!!!

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