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Whitney's Oprah Interview


Whitney Houston's exclusive interview with Oprah is now a two day event airing September 14th & 15th on The Oprah Winfrey Show! Take a look at the great Whitney feature on Oprah.com and be sure to tune in for this in-depth interview!!

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I saw pics of Whitney online from the GMA show . She looks absolutely stunning ! I've always been a fan and knew in my heart that if she ever got away from Bobby Brown , she would be allright . We have missed your sweet spirit Whitney and are glad you are back . Bobby Christina is a gorgeous young lady , just like her mom and we look for great things from her . Please , please Whitney , keep your hands in God's hand and he will lead you and guide you . Pray constantly and study the word of God ! Let Bobby Brown stay where he is ! Pray for him too , he needs it too . Thanks for the music over the years and I am soooooo glad that you have a new album out . God bless !!!

Whitney is 200% back and ready for another round of well deserved success! Her family was beside her for the GMA concert, so much love around! we felt it in her voice... during I look to you there was such an emotional moment... simply put a spiritual moment. The love of your fans was/is/will be there forever! WE LOVE YOU Ms. WHITNEY HOUSTON.
There is no need to be negative about others, we all learn from good and bad situations... what's done is done.. past is behind and the future ahead, a bright future for Whitney Houston. We look forward to the Oprah interview and all the good things coming your way!!!!!
A fan in a million!
Boston, MA

From the previews, it looks like Whitney's two-day interview with Oprah is going to be a good one. I can't wait. Whitney, like many of us, has walked through her own personal hell and had to pick herself back up, dust herself off and bounce back. She looked great at GMA and was obviously in good spirits. While her voice may not have been in great shape, people shouldn't underestimate Whitney. As Whitney would say 'the record ain't over yet,' and with 'I Look To You' poised to debut at No. 1, she's about to show the world that she's far from done.

I would love for Whitney TO RECORD A LIVE, UNPLUGGED version of the "I Look to You" album complete with orchestra and a live band. It would give her a chance to sit down and do a nice reading of the songs and finally squash any doubts about her voice. Whitney is back!

I loved Whitney on GMA, and I did see the ring, but just because she still wears it does not mean anything, I don't blame her for not pawning or choosing to not wear, wearing that ring can be a constant reminder of all of the things she went through and in the end she still survived it all.

To Whitney, you are truly a Blessing from God and he never fails , so welcome back.

I love you Whitney, I have really missed you. I thank God that you are back. You and your daughter are so beautiful. I pray for your strength. Stay strong and stay close to God. I will continue to pray for you, Bobbi Kristina, and Bobby Brown.

I will always love you and you will always be my #1 singer.

God Bless You.

I can't wait to buy Whitney's album! I miss hearing her music! Welcome back, Whitney!

whitney your cd is a must have I do have it in my cd collection and you really delivered on all of the songs. much success and happiness to you. I want to know are there videos in the works for the songs i look to you and a million dollar bill, because i want to definitely see the videos and other videos of the new music.......

I have loved you from the very first hit-song I have heard from you: "I Believe the children, our future" I was just a little girl then.
Now I am an adult and I am still loving you. I respect and admire you for your strength and this wonderful, beautiful, gift that God has blessed you with. My respect for you comes in whereas you have sticked with your husband despite the difficulties through thick and thin.
I believe that you have been faithful to him and have not given up on your vows and thus your marriage. I am so sorry though that things got so out of control and unbearable that leads to separation. This separation, however could lead to better days and years to come, if you only lift your head up high and return to your fist LOVE. HIS NAME IS LOVE AND LOVE IS HE. HE knows all about you and all you have been through He has never forsaken you and never will; only trust HIM and believe HIS WORD.
My greatest desire for you is that you would start singing for HIM again. I am praying for you and I do invite others to do the same for you. I pray for your deliverance and your strength in GOD. May HE ever bless and keep you in the way HE would have you to go, bringing Glory and Honour to HIS name who have created you and blessed you for HIS purpose
Yours sincerely

Kingston Jamaica

United States