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Whitney's Free GMA Concert


You’re invited to see Whitney Houston LIVE in concert as part of Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series - and get this, it’s FREE! – THE Whitney Concert Event, live in Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield on Tuesday September 1st.

Gates open at 11am. You can enter at 69th and 5th – or 72nd and 5th or go to gmaconcerts.com for more details.

Then don’t miss Good Morning America on Wednesday September 2nd to see this one morning only Whitney Concert Event on national TV – only on ABC’s Good Morning America.

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Rhonda8888, don't be a hater, everyone in their life at sometime or another hits a low point... and for as long as Whitney learned from her unfortunate mishaps, everyone has the right to be forgiven for their wrong doings, and if she is such a terrible singer, then Why has she been awarded more than any other artist in history for her music and singing. If you think you can do better at singing than Whitney Houston, let us all know when your new album will drop, but I don't think that will happen so go be a hater somewhere else... Whitney you ROCK!!!

Malicoy - you are right. Rhonda8888 let it go. Whitney it's been too long - your true fans are praying for you and your family.

I dont care what she has done. Its all about her talent and charisma. When she was doing drugs, everybody ignored her, and she wasnt selling records like some other artists/drug addicts or drug/addict TV stars or drug/addict sports stars that I could name. So, dont hate on her. We love her and what she brings to the table, pure talent that brings people joy.

Thats all you need. If you have it yourself, then bring it on Rhonda8888. We need all the quality entertainers we can get.

Her smile is worth the price of record for me.

I just updated my gaming website Fiesta Online and Facebook page with Whitney's Album cover, everyone help promote her...Oooo...

"There've been haters since this world's been going round." Whitney has "Nothin But Love" for you. Me too


And you chose to come to her FANSITE, to rant and rave about something that Whitney herself is very aware of and has let go a long time ago? Maybe you should follow suit. I myself and many other fans have. And if it bother's you that much, just take it somewhere else. I mean, you came on her fansite to diss her...


To all the haters, Whitney's fans salute you. This is our comeback and we will not allow you to damper our spirits, or disrespect our Whitney Houston. This is the last reply you deserve.

Great post Darling...I'm in total agreement with you...the new album is wonderful...It will do well...forget the haters!

I just have one thing to say about HATERS: Nothin' But Love or Whitney aint sang'n 2 u

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