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Whitney's Extraordinary Return


Whitney Houston kicked off the European leg of her international "Nothing But Love" Tour and has been receiving fantastic reviews. "The Gerry Ryan Show" gave an honest a recap of her performance - which they said was "extraordinary", check it out here!

Whitney's next performance is tonight at the O2 Arena in London and we know its going to be another great show!

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Finally, an honest review! I saw the show in Dublin and Whitney was fantastic. The papers painted a bad picture - however, Whitney sounded and looked great. I don't understand the the negative reviews. The concert was nothing short of FANTASTIC!!!!!!

I really couldn't agree anymore with his review. There have been so many people who've been very harsh on Whitney for a long time. It is as if they want her to fail badly, the way Michael Jackson fell down, and sadly passed away. I honestly don't know why people these days can be so harsh on Whitney. I've seen her sing through youtube, and she still is as amazing today as she's been for years. She had been away for touring for a long time, and I think people have been very harsh on her. She is still delivering where so many people are just counting her out. We don't have many legends like Whitney Houston still out there anymore. All I can deeply say to Whitney is that she should keep her head up, and not let anyone make her feel bad about herself. She is still at it, regardless of what others are still libbing about her. I hope she tours here in the U.S. soon.

I am so very proud of Whitney. She is my inspiration right now. Some of us, as Whitney, have been through some very rough years of late. Yes we all can make bad choices. Life can be a rough road and it really not wise to judge another's path. She is giving it her all and what I see are very soulful, honest performances. Do I care is she doesn't hit the high notes? Not in the least!. Whitney I am so glad to hear your sweet voice again.

I hope Whitney is planning to perform in New York City later this year - she's terrific! All the best.

So true!! I went on the 25th April to see Whitney in London and it was honestly the best night of my life, Whitney inspires me so much and i love her so much! It was such a wicked night and she looked so happy, i have some awesome pictures, right at the front! Was so much fun, going to London again tomorrow and can already say now that it will be an AMAZING night! Whitney we LOVE you!! xxx


Hello Ms. Houston
I have been meaning to write to you.
I hope that you will not find this to forward of me,

I believe the Lord is trying to tell you, that you should be singing Gospel Music.
Before you got started you were singing to the Glory of God, and your voice was magnificent!
you had no vocal problems at all. Go Back to where you first began.
the Lord will meet you. He is waiting

Your voice is your Gift from God use it to his Glory.
may God continue to bless you and keep you.

Randyman... you said it best Smile Took the words right out of my mouth.
Whitney got up there and gave it her all and honestly that makes her even that much more special Smile I was reading the news prints on her not hitting the highnotes and people were just rude with thier comments... so I said what i had to and then signed up here Smile Love you Whitney !!!!

I think it is unfair that some of the reviews for Whitney's "Nothing but Love" tour are comparing her to the old Whitney of the past 10-15 years. It is obvious that she is not the old Whitney we all have grown to love. Yes I agree that it is sad that years of abuse to her voice have left her not able to hit those high notes. I also feel that the record company could have and should have rearranged songs to accomodate her voice today, perhaps droping the arrangements a couple of octaves, we know she cannot hit those notes in "I Will Always Love You" but I love Whitney and will always love her. I just think that she needed more time to grasp the new voice she now has and with time make that new voice work for her and with her old songs. This way no one can say that she has lost it or that she should end her singing career but instead say Whitney has made the most of her new voice and sounds better and stronger then ever "Welcome Back Whitney".

I hope to think Ms. Houston really reads these or at least someone close to her camp does so in prayer here I go....Only what U do for God will last....I dont read blogs or care to listen to the gossip after this I more than likely will not come back to this site again but as Monique would say this was on my spirit.....U have NOTHING else to prove Ms. Houston....Only what U do for God will last....Ur music will live on as long as God allows this world to exist....Time wears on this flesh and as we age things change....Only what u do for God will last...I know it hurts to hear the mess I dont know u and it hurts me...but the difference is I know U were not placed on this earth just for ur VOICE U r Whitney Houston and that is who u will be til the day u r called home....Only what U do for God will last... Now it is time to find ur place IN GOD in this WORLD and not to be a part of it and its mess anymore....Only what U do for God will last...U were not made to be the VOICE for this world...but U were made to be A VOICE for Christ...Only what U do for God will last... U have made money more than many of us can dream about....But God does not give it to u for u to keep....but for u to do his work....That is where the true riches lie...Ony what u do for God will last....I watched one of ur shows where U brought this beautiful little girl on the stage and she began to sing....Only what U do for God will last...and for the first time I saw a face that I only saw when U r with ur little Angel...ONly what U do for God will last....That may be ur purpose NOW...To produce singers that ARE TRULY GREAT!... when we r old and retire it is so sad to say NO ONE WILL BE LISTENING TO OUR GENERATION OF MUSICIANS IT IS SENSELESS AND FLEETING...WE will still be listening to u patti luther and the host of many greats....NOT BEYONCE RIHANNA OR ANY OF THIS MESS....Where are the future greats who is managing and grooming them for greatness...not the sex but the greatest love the surpasses all time...down right good music...not music of the time sex big agos and rude boys ughhh so nausiating...just plain ole common sense good music....that hits to the soul of a person....where are they?....Over the years I have seen u all u wanted was to be whitney on ur terms....not all the cameras and the flash u wanted to be shielded from all this mess God has already shown u wayyyyyy before it came....Only what u do for God will last..... But as powerful women in Christ we have to learn lessons the hard way to make them stick with our spirit...Stop allowing Whitney to happen according to the people around u...TAKE back ur control...See the one thing about this WORLD u can sound a HOT PICKLE and people are still going to pay to see the mess that they think they have made u to be....but U R blessed and highly favored....All this u r doing to be back on top u dont have to do...U have not had an album in eons but yet u never left the news baby u will be hot when u r dead and gone!.....now it is just time to be what u really want to be and not care what they think cause good or bad they r going to talk...and all u need for this age of now is just that anything u touch turns to gold ....Now is the time to have them talk about WHAT U WANT THEM TO...Find urself in God...really find ur purpose and the rest will be a breeze this world is filled with a bunch of minions they will follow but now is ur time to decide what is it in u that u want them to follow...now is the time for u to allw them to see who whitney really is...ONLY WHAT U DO FOR GOD WILL LAST...Blessed to be a blessing...ANGE0,Smile Innocent Innocent Innocent,

whitney, is a lovely singer sometimes life throws curves and sometimes you crash she will overcome it all with the love and grace of god people judge a person and never walked in there shoes money does not always create happiness inside the rich feel like the poor once you seen all you can see in life you end up at the start nowhere drugs can bring you down so fr you try to get away from it all not realizing that the pain is still there loneliness of the heart and soul pray whitney god will always be there when your fans look away your truly the best i pray for you to always be at peace your the diva of all divas hold your head up high and im happy you got rid of your baggage along the way......you made him look good do you take your life back its not lost