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Whitney's Amazing Oprah Performance


In case you missed it, or if you'd like to see it again, you can see Whitney's entire showstopping performance on Tuesday's Oprah at Oprah's official site

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I'm gone love Whitney Houston no matter what she does. Always understood her and glad that God has given her the grace to make it back. Praying that you're able to maintain, but gone love you no mater what.

hey,, hello everyone,, just saw the first part interview in youtube,, but i really want to see the whole and full interview.. will u help me where can i view it.. its been many days i wait here in our local tv here in philippines but unfortunately i saw about gayles road trip..and other interview..

i was so unhappy coz i didnt see it in tv.. where can i find it? i hope i can see it here, in this site,, i tried also in oprahs website but im not contented with that.. i really missed the show or maybe its not yet showed here in philippines.. i dont know.. huhuhuhu

please help me to see the whole show.. please please please,,,

will u please reply me.. thanks alot... Godbless and more power


Whitney you have made my year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (happy tears happy tears)
So glad you are back-- i knew you would find your way back. I knew it! Know its not easy but you are doing i! I prayed for you and still praying for you. Love the album.

Can we also have number seven in a remix (i didn't know my own strength-- can you make that happen and put it on itunes?) Wanna be able to dance and groove and work out to my own strength... How about a Clives remix on that one like back in the day?
Lisa Love Whittington

P.S. Your video "I Look to You" is the purest most beautiful video I have ever seen in my life. I look at that video and then I go talk to God.

God is so goooood! Welcome back Whitney.You look so wonderful!

Dear Whitney

Just watched your interview with Oprah here in Trinidad and it brought tears to my eyes. I'm a huge fan and I'm so happy to see you back. Your faith in God and that of your mother has strengthened and inspired me..... there is truly nothing too hard for God to do. I bought your new album last week while on vacation in Miami and I'm looking forward to hearing even more music from you. Your voice is a God given gift and your comeback is truly a testimony to your strength and faith.

May God bless and keep you.

hi ms whitney u kno as well as anybodt kno that u are the bomb and it never left. I have always looked up to u even though u went through u still was my idol. I love u and u make that song true in so many ways"No weapon form against me shall prospure." u r a living testomony cause alot of people would have went down the road u took and would have given up but u didnt. you was raised in the church and u knew when u was ready to give it back to hm u knew where to go. I really take my hat off to u i knew there was a reason for u to be my idol. U dont give up and thats what alot of us young girls need to know. You r the badest chick ever i love u and to those haters thats hating on u let them cause God dont see anything wrong with u. U got up!!!!!!! Girl u can sang ooooohhhhh my goodness u can sang! You look just like ur mom. My family and I love u and adore u for getting back up. stay sweet

Miss Whitney,

Just watched your Oprah interview on tape and had to tell you that I am one who is sooo thankful you have come through the storm. We prayed these last many years that you would find your path back towards health and happiness and bless us once again with your gifts that bring us so much delight. Thanks to all close to you who have helped with your recovery. Your beautiful Bobbi Kristina has become quite the mature and intelligent young lady and we wish her all the happiness in the world. Bless you both and we are so glad to have you back!

Marietta Girl

Hey Whitney,

Great performance on Oprah. You're back girl!!!! Can't wait to see you on Xfactor next month.

Wow I was so sad for how your life had turned out but oh my ! how sadness can and turn into joy... Whitney God will never leave you neither will He forsake you...I pray now that you my child will never go back to this darkness but from now on... your testimony through song will bring light and hope to a fallen world!! May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord show you his kindness
and have mercy on you.
May the Lord watch over you
and give you peace."