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Whitney "Wows Worldwide" with her new album!


Check out the great praise Whitney's getting about her newest album!

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i'm sooooo glad you're back. i love your new album. i love you, whitney!

In my opinion, Whitney Houston is the best singer ever. I am so glad that you are back. As soon as your album came out I had to have it. I saw your interview on Oprah and you are truly an amazing woman. I have been through so much in my life and you are so inspireing to me. My favorite songs on your new album are Like I Never Left, I Look To You, and especially I Didn't Know My Own Strength. Salute is the best because its like you are saluting all the people that hurt you and put you down and your letting them know that you are better than they are, you are stronger than their hurtful words and actions. Salute makes me feel powerful and strong and brave and it makes me feel like telling all those who hurt me and put me down "look at me know, you tried to bring me down and here I am stronger and better than ever!" YOU GO WHITNEY....I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...YOU ARE A TRUE WOMAN/ROLE MODEL/MOTHER! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

I'm not surprised at all! She has always been blessed to be able to shock, amaze, and surprise her fans in a way no one else can!!!

As I said before the DIVA is BACK....and she wants her CROWN!!!!!


Lady Elizabeth is back ! In full power Smile

The no.1 album is excellent !!! 'million dollar bill' is getting great play and reviews on dublin. but the album needs more promation in ireland. The roll on Whitney in the 02 !!!
G - in Dublin .

Whitney deserves the praise! A legend. The voice. The greatest!

Whitney you nailed it! Your voice is still incredible as always. Amazing songs. Songs of Endurance, Strength, and Courage. You'll always be the best. Thanks for coming back The world has missed you.
Can't stop listening to your new cd. Love it!

This album is one of her best. She still has a beautiful voice and sense for melodies. I like on the album that it is a mix of 80´s and contemporary modern music. I´ve heard Mariah´s new album yesterday and it´s a s***