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Whitney Video Countdown - Part 12


"I'm Your Baby Tonight" was the first single from Whitney's third studio album of the same name and quickly became her eighth number one hit. Boasting production by L.A. Reid and Babyface, the song was also Whitney's eleventh Top 10 hit and stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for an impressive nineteen weeks. A tribute to the many artists and musical genres that have influenced her career, the "I'm Your Baby Tonight" video opens with some fantastic Whitney headshots, before shifting to scenes of Whitney dancing in her NYC aparment. As she sings, Whitney is drawn to a dancer's silhouette in the room (perhaps the spirit of music or entertaining?), which suddenly transports her onto a stage in full costume. The video then proceeds to jump between these two alternate facets of Whitney's personality: the entertainer and the regular person - before converging at the end, when the silhouette finally takes human form and rides off with Whitney on a motorcycle. What do you think Whitney is trying to tell us with this expressive video?

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I have been waiting with baited breath for this for years. Our girl is back. This album is so dynamic, but so classically Whitney, that it gives us a bit of nostalgia along with a taste of her new found light. She sounds great, better than I could have hoped, and you can hear the joy in her voice. Always in our hearts, and singing across time and generations, we truly do look to you, Ms Houston.

i think ur not only my fav singer ever,but ur also the hottest godess ive ever seen,ud easyly make it as a model. I was finally about to go pick it up a couple of days ago, and can't stop listening to it and I can't stop reading the lyrics. I was just at The Rave in Milwaukee two nights ago seeing Owl City (WOOT) and they played your song
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