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Whitney Performs "I Look To You" in Melbourne


We just came across this fantastic video of Whitney performing "I Look To You" from her last show in Melbourne, Australia on March 6th. She totally kills it! What a great way to end the first round of dates for her "Nothing But Love Tour". So get ready Europe! The European leg of her tour kicks off on Tuesday April 6th in Paris, France. Click here for a full list of concert dates.

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Finally her official website is being useful in defining whitney Houston on tour instead of the media who are only interesting in sensationalizing a story and showing the few not so clips.

Whitney has tons of other performaces from South Korea and Australia that fans and casual fans alike deserve to see like the Love Medley from both south korea days, can we have those posted as well?
and yes, she kills this performance of I Look to You

Thanks for posting. I hope to see the great live videos instantly posted from now on.

Melbourne first show has a better ILTY rendition. March 1st, 2010.


I absolutely love this song. There were so many people whom written Whitney off as a joke, and not as a person, especially in Austrailia during her tour. Still, I loved listening to this song from her tour. I hope she knocks 'em out the ballpark across Europe. The performance from Austrailia of I Look To You was absolutely beautiful. Whitney was right about today's acts like Lady Gaga and Beyonce'. They just don't come from the heart or the voice within alone like she does.

more like this performace ... Congratulations Whitney

I just hope she comes to miami, voice or not whitney is my
Girl. She has true fans and we know she sang like nobodys business.

YES. Whitney turned it all around in Melbourne, Australia. So proud of YOU.

I am loving the I LOOK TO YOU era, my girl is proving again she The Voice! Loved this performance, but this ILTY was great too!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-shBhMVbGs

No words! Is just A M A Z I N G

This is one of those performance where she feels the music, she is singing with her heart & soul... and that´s what Whitney does the best.

14 Days and counting for whitney in Dublin !!!! 3 nites sold out , But We need a new single released 1 single has only been released in ireland the album is out 7 months now, 'I got you' or 'For the lovers' Hope to see whitney on the irish chat shows .