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Whitney Performing at Radio City Music Hall in 2000


January 2000 - Whitney performing at Radio City Music Hall in New York for the Roy Jones boxing match. Roy Jones was a huge Whitney fan and had personally requested that she sing at the match. A boxing match was a very rare occurrence at Radio City.

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I´d like to share with you this new that I found today in facebook. It´s about a tribute to "Whitney & Elvis" and I hope you like it:

WE, is the duo of Anna and Julius Caesar, who was born from the idea of combining the initials of your favorite artists Whitney Houston and ELVIS PRESLEY.

After the success of his first album "WE", we have now his new album "Whitney & Elvis", where have wanted this time pay tribute to their idols. Listen to it in this link!! https://soundcloud.com/duowe/run-to-you-preview