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Whitney backstage at Fashion Rocks in London in 2008. This was taken in Whitney's dressing room by her friend, UK photog Richard Young. Whitney's appearance was a total surprise to the audience that night and the fact it was successfully pulled off was a major coup!!! We snuck her in!!! After the show, her dressing room was full of well-wishers. Timbaland had the dressing room next door and he and Whitney joked around.

Whitney performing live at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia on March 31, 1991. Only 3,100 people were in the audience and all were either military personnel or their families, although HBO made the broadcast available to 53 million at home.

This photo is from the photo shoot for the Greatest Hits album. Photos by David La Chapelle. At one point, Whitney wanted the cigarettes removed from the floor as she did not want to be perceived as promoting smoking - but this is the original shot with the cigarette butts left in.

This photo of Narada Michael Walden, Aretha Franklin and Whitney was taken at the recording session for the duet "It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be". It appeared as a track on Aretha's 1989 album "Through The Storm". Album version produced by Narada and re-mix was produced by Teddy Riley.

Randee St. Nicholas was one of Whitney's favorite photographers and this was from a photo session back in the 90's.

Whitney and Mariah performed "When You Believe" at the Oscars on March 21st of 1999. The song was written for the Dreamworks' animated movie "The Prince of Egypt" and appeared on the soundtrack as well as Whitney's album "My Love Is Your Love" and Mariah's album “Number 1’s”. The song was produced by Babyface.

Here's Whitney performing on the “Nothing But Love World Tour” in 2010. This was Whitney's last tour and covered South Korea, Japan, Australia and Europe.

Whitney performed on Saturday Night Live in the winter of 1996. She displayed her great comedic talents in a sketch with Molly Shannon’s famous character Mary Katherine Gallagher.

An early publicity shot of Whitney from 1985.

Whitney and Sting co-presented "Album of the Year" at the 1999 Grammys. The Grammy was won by Lauryn Hill for "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill".

This is from the photo shoot for My Love Is Your Love album. This photo was actually taken on the road behind Whitney's New Jersey home at the time. She loved that she got to do this photo session at home.

Today we pay tribute to Whitney's brilliant life and career. Click here to share your favorite memories of Whitney. #RememberingWhitney

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