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Whitney Houston's Oprah Special Re-Airing Monday Dec.14


If you didn't catch it the first time, Whitney Houston's special interview with Oprah Winfrey will re-air on Monday Dec. 14th! Whitney dishes on the most intimate parts of her life and candidly talks about her break from the recording industry and her amazing determination to return to the music scene. This is an event you won't want to miss! Check local listings to see when the show will re-air in your area.

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My name is Phyllis and I would like to make a general comment to and about Miss Whitney Houston. First, I would like to just say "Thank You" for sharing your beautiful and God given talent with myself and the world. You have touched and moved so many lives with it. Doesn't matter what race or religion. You have touched us all. That is the reason God gave it to you. Thank You for sharing.
I have been praying for you for a long time, that God would restore you back to your first love which is Him!
You still have a work to do for Him. He didn't allow you to sing like an angel for the enemy to be glorified. God must be first once again. I do believe that when you put God first He works everything out. Above all, He knows what's best us.
I'm not trying to preach to you, I believe you know Him just as I do. Sometimes we just need a reminder. I pray for God's blessings to continue to surrround and overtake you.
Holding you up in prayer,

All I can say is WOW...I thank God that Whitney made it through! Everytime I hear "I didn't know my own strength" it brings tears to my eyes...I went through a trying time recently in my life..I thought that I would not make it at times, that at any minute I was going to the nuthouse, but because of God's mercy I am now victorious! God gave me the strength that I did not know I had! so this particular song is so embedded in my heart! Thank you Whitney...May God keep you today, tomorrow & ALWAYS!!
In The Holy Name of Jesus...AMEN!

In case you missed it! Whitney opens her heart to Oprah, a moving interview... STAY TUNED and buy someone I LOOK TO YOU for Christmas so the numbers keeping growing!

ya'll happy holidays

Dear Whitney! On that special appearance on the launching of your new CD I look to you I've never felt so touched to hear such a heartfelt song, dedicated to your mom but most of all to God almighty! Some criticize your voice: Your voice touches millions that really know what it is to have an experience with God and being set free! What an example to thousands that need delivrance. Thank you Whitney to use your gift to be a living testimony to the world. Keep up the good work! We love and appreciate you and are praying for you for your upcoming tour.

Sunday Feb. 19th 2012

Dearest Whitney! I cried all day saturday watching your memorial... I felt for your mom and your daughter Booby - Kristina, your family and loved ones: the service was so moving. To your image really! I listened to all the testimonies and the essence of you a wonderful, generous, lively and exceptional human being.
Your song I look to you, so inspired. R. Kelly thank you (Merci beaucoup) for this special song. Looking at the videoclip I could see this was so prophetic: the focus was on God and you... the beam of light coming from Heaven, the butterflies, your dress (like an angel) and your beautiful smiling face. What a legacy you leave to the whole world. May God surround you now in His loving arms and may He allow you to look over the banister of time and see how much people loved you. May He comfort your entire family, loved ones and the ones that worked with you for so many years. We'll see you in Glory Sis.
With Love

dear whitney, i watch you for year and you have alway look strong in your face, i have seen the think you been thru over the year,and when i see you make it and fight so hard i know that the world was wrong about you. you make me a strong person inside. i was in a bad relationship for four year and when i see you walk out i know it was time for me to go.so i get up and pack me and me son clothing and open the door an i never look back. i have a strong voice like you and when i sing it make me feel so good in side and it make me stronger person so i want to thank you for showing me the way out. (i will never stop pray for you and your family)

your biggest fan
with love

Ms Whitney,
I'm currently watching the Oprah rerun of your interview and I must say, while your voice is surely a national treasure...your heart far exceeds your talent! You are a beautiful example of feminine strength and perseverance. I'm so excited to watch your journey unfold into new and greater heights! God Bless You Fabulous Sister!
Peace and Blessings,

Miss Houston,

When I first heard your new song a while back, I Look to You, I literally cried. Like most of your millions and millions of fans in the last 5-10 years, I worried about you, prayed for you, and hoped that you would be back. For me, you are the singer of my life. I am almost 50, and your songs and your fearless spirit, faith in God, and elegant presence have meant so much to me all these years.

The new album, the success, your blunt and fearless interview with Oprah are an inspiration. I get goose bumps thinking about all of this. Thank you Diva of Divas for coming back for all of us who have been devoted to you for every year of your career.

God bless you,

Miss Houston,

The old saying goes "You don't miss your water until the well runs dry" and that is exactly how it has felt with your absence to the music industry. All the wells were dried up! "NO ONE ELSE" on this earth (that I know of) brings the Style, Grace and Elegance to the stage like you do!!

Since your return to the music world I have been watching every appearance and performance that I can find containing something about you. Although there is all of the wonderful music, still alive from your past work, I had no idea how much I really missed hearing your talents until you returned. Words can not express the appreciation and gratitude that I feel towards you for allowing us to hear you again and remind us "ALL" of who you are and what you have meant to us over the years.

One more thing before I go, (I hope this is not overstepping my boundaries) I lost my husband from an illness about eight years ago and although your situation was different than mine it is still a "loss"...I hope that you have and will continue to find the happiness that you so deserve!


Ms. Potter

I have truly missed you girl!! WELCOME BACK. Whitney keep on putting God first & everything you touch will be phenomenal. You had me in tears watching Oprah today. I am so happy for you.
Much Love
Ms. Carpenter

Your trial, your challenge, your journey was for a reason. You were not built to break. "...a bruised reed He will not break..." You are a testament to this. We have been praying, not criticizing, not speculating for you, my sister. This album is not your comeback. Your decision to get up and live the life God created you for was the comeback. "though a righteous man falleth seven times, he rises again.." You, my sister, have risen to a never beforeseen height. A new height with the knowledge and the wisdom behind you now.

Lean on your dearest friends, who you and I both know are only 2 or 3 in this world. Lean on them and God.

"My eyes look to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth."

The Lord bless you and the true gift you've received from Him: forgiveness.

Because of Him,

United States