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Whitney Houston Performs on Germany's Wetten Das


Whitney Houston has been in Europe promoting her new album I Look To You and while abroad, she made a stop over at one of Germany's most popular entertainment shows Wetten, dass...?. Whitney performed "I Look To You" at the show and was just amazing. Watch Whitney's performance below!

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she's still got it, u go girl xxx

Great as always! And if you ever read this and want to make a video of Didn't know my own strengh, I have an idea (I'm an actor and director) that I would like to share. I think it is undone and new! Well, just to let you know here in Argentina sells are growing fast!
Peace, Leonel.

Thank you, Whitney. Each song is a gift. I cherish them. I thank you. The public is insatiable, voracious. Give what you want to give. Take care of yourself. Know that many of us accept you as you are and want nothing else. We are thankful for sharing this time and this place with you. Enjoy!

"bout to loose my......... breeeeeaaath,...... LORD" LOL. She was out of breath though. Whitney is so funny... Sh tore that up.. WOW,, Her voice is almost back to where it was.. She seems to be afraid to use it. I bet she had som type of surgery and is waiting for it to heal or something. Because as time passes it gets better and she is getting older. It shoud actually be getting worse. But god can do anything. And whitney has a testimony.

That was a great performance!! LOVE YOU LOTS and as always I'm praying for you!!

I am furious at those who are on here as Whitney fans and are downing her instead of encouraging her!! The performance was great!!


Legend..so amazing..so wonderfull..Your fans will always Love You..

Whitney this was a very very good performance. As I said in one of my other post... I knew you would get better and better as time went on and your confidence increased. You proved me right. You took control of that song and had fun with it. You shut the mouths of all the nay sayers ... you hit the high notes right on. Not only did you hit them you held them. You added additional runs through out the song and of course you played to your audience. Excellent!!!! Keep building your confidence! Trust God! It's all still there. Remember.. Philippians 4:6,7

I just wanted to say that my brother Danny has to be YOUR BIGGEST FAN!! I realize you probably hear that a thousand times a day. I am 39 years old and has never experienced a TRUE fan until; my brother. He had been following you through the good and the bad. He knew that youd find the strenght to leave Bobby. He always knew you'd come back. As soon as your cd came out he was the first to own one and took it to work promoting the cd and that you where going to be on Oprah. He even sent me a cd cuz he says i was taking too long to purchase one. And when i mentioned downloading it illegally he flipped out and said no ill get you one. he wants to support you anyway he can. I believe you should put him on your payrole seriously. We love you (not as much as him) and hope to see you back in hawaii again......................

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