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Whitney Houston Performs on Germany's Wetten Das


Whitney Houston has been in Europe promoting her new album I Look To You and while abroad, she made a stop over at one of Germany's most popular entertainment shows Wetten, dass...?. Whitney performed "I Look To You" at the show and was just amazing. Watch Whitney's performance below!

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Great Whitney. I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again I'm so proud of you Smile
The clothes could have been better though Wink
Come to sweden. I'm waiting. Love you!

Wow Amazing performance and thank you Whitney for this great voice... Wonderful... God Bless you baby-girl <3... Welcome to Paris Whitney...
Peace... Wink)

Please consider The Air Jamaica Musical Jazz Festival in Jamaica for January as part of your come back tour.
I attend every year I would love to that you be one of the artist.

Thanks in advance.

amazing performance, really brought tears to my eyes!! I`m sooo proud to be your fan!!!
love you 4ever!!!
much love from Sarajevo!!!!!

Thanks Whiteny Huston God Bless you

Amazing Performance!

One of the greatest in a decade!

like Whitney never left!!!!

I absolutely loved it!! Her voice is just gettin better and better!

Do your thing Girlfriend!!

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! This is sooooo AWESOME!!! she is getting better and better and I love it!!!

We can't say enough how much you've truly been missed. You are such a memorable and remarkable sound, like listening to an angel. Having you back is the answer to all our prayers! Your fans stand by you and welcome you home! Smile Keep doing what you do best!!!


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