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Whitney Houston Performs in Copenhagen


Take a look at these photos from the second Whitney show in Copenhagen!!

Photographer: Martin Rosenauer

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Happy Birthday Whitney!!! I Will Always Love You!!
You are still THE BEST, and no one else even comes close to you.
Whitney, I am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished, and all that you have
overcome. You are truly an inspiration, not only as a singer but as a woman as well.
I wish you many more years of good health, and I hope and pray that we will continue to be
blessed with you and your tremendous talent for years to come. Don't let the haters
discourage you Whitney, you just keep on using your amazing talent and gifts to
continue to inspire us all. May God continue to bless you. Love Always.


Whitney God is with you. These are test and trials. You will be fine. Don't let the cruel people take you down. I see everyone is complaining about your weight gain. Oh well, Elvis, Aretha, Chaka, Oprah, Jennifer H and Janet J. Do I need to say more? The media is really hurtful if you Black and made it big. Are you suppose to look and stay the same forever? You are some Lady. Don't worry, they are bad mouthing Obama too.LOL

dont give up dont give in, just take it step by step we all have rough time in our life, god loves you n he cares am 1 of your #1 fan from birth love you whitney keep the faith,

Forgive me for being so late: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Smile

Whitney, where are you. US misses u. Please perform more. I wish I could meet you, i have to before I leave the face of this Earth.

I love you WHITNEY


Great! Happy Birthday Longest life couple with good health and prosperity


I don't know if you read the comments here, Whitney......I hope so....

I'm a musician. I'm not a big artist like you, but I really feel a connection with you. For many reasons I guess.. I was only 7 when I heard you on the radio for the first time: "I wanna dance with somebody" Wink I danced and made my simple funny choreography to that song rolling on the grass in our garden;)

Later when I saw "Bodyguard", I "fell in love". You had such a warm, deep heart. You seemed to be so satisfied in that role. And the connection between you and Kevin C was really beautiful, it was pure and deep.
I had a long "break" from your music. I changed. I started to use drugs and wasted many years. Me and my boyfriend at that time had a band, we made melancolic music, it was depressive...I did backing vocals for an african artist.. I was on the biggest stages in Oslo... but I started to use drugs. Every day for 5 years. Finally my body said STOP and I turned my eyes to God. I had a radically revelation with God, Jesus and the holy spirit and it saved my life.
Now and then I heard the news about your drug-problems and other sad stuff. I always felt sorry for you... That's why I'm so happy right now because I see that you have got a new life, a better life. I guess God has saved you and healed your soul, your body and your spirit. Amen.

A friend sent your song to me today, "I look to you", beacuse I really needed it. My life is getting better and better. I know who I am. I'm going to make a record very soon. I had to say goodbye to all my "friends" in the big city, it was great and famous musicians but God was missing... But today God has given me other friends, real friends, and many of them are great musicians! Even better musicians! Yeah, God is the greatest love of all. But at the moment I have a heartbreak and this man found a new woman only 2 weeks after we broke up...... It's so sad. I'm only 31 but I've had many men...too much bad experience... So now I must look to God and trust Him, that He will give me a prince. Last night I was at a christian meeting. Someone prayed for me and a girl saw a picture in her head, it was me. I was Cinderella and God removed the dust from my face. I became a princess:) So I do believe that I will find the right man one day. Amen.

Sorry I just felt like writing to you Whitney... You are a great ideal for people, escpecially for all the women out there. You know so much about life. You show the world that God and Jesus is love. You show the truth about life. Thank you Whitney.
Wish I could sing a duet with you someday;) People say I got the soul in my voice even though I'm a white norwegian girl. I guess you are VERY busy so I don't ecpect anything, but why not take the chance and send a song to you. I can send by email. Maybe you will able to hear it one day...Maybe we'll meet...It's up to God...Wink

God really loves you. He's your perfect daddy and you are his precious daughter, his princess. God deep in His love and don't let anyone push you. You don't have to "work" for God. He just wanna have a intimate relationship with you. He only needs you to love Him. He wants to heal you and make your dreams come true.
Have you met Andrew Ehrenzeller from Florida, Carola from Sweden or Ruth Fazal from Canda? Great and famous christian artists, very prophetic.

Bless you Whitney!

Love from your "sister",

Ms. Houston,
You have ALWAYS been my favorite entertainer. Your voice is beyond just, "THE VOICE". It is what I and others consider one of the GREAT WONDERS of the world. I had the opportunity to post a comment years ago when I saw you at rhe Meadowlands in Jersey. That was when you were recording the video for "My name is not Susan". Your staff was recording the guest comments as we entered to the arena. I was also blessed to see you at Madison Square Gardens for the second time there, when your black and sequined skintight outfit, was posted in Jet.

I want you to keep your head up, keep that face LOVELY, and stay strong as that Leo (Lion) instict can only do. GOD has his hands on you and has always held you close to his heart. Even through I have seen you on many occassions, those two were the two that was most empressive. I will always love you, and contoniue to be blessed.


I would like to say thank you for all that you have given to us, for all the hard work we saw and that we did not see, for giving even to your own hurt sometimes. I recognized that when I got older and looked through unselfish eyes. We love your gift so much that we forget that it cannot compare to you, the giver of this great gift. Thank you Whitney your giving is not in vain.

Simply Beautiful. I have had the pleasure of seeing Ms.Houston in concert 8 times. Anyone who really knows me, knows my passion for WHITNEY. I can wait for her to come to the states it will be concert number 9 for me......Love You! Whitney....