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Whitney Houston Launches New Music Store!


Get Whitney's critically acclaimed new album, I Look To You, at Whitney's brand new Music Store!

Shop Whitney's entire catalog of music featuring some of the greatest albums of all time! Plus, get your hands on rare dance remixes and more! The store features both CDs and DRM-Free MP3 Downloads!

Coming soon... Whitney Houston's DVD Collection!

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That's great!
I can't wait!

Ms Whitney.
I have always" looked to you" ..... now I know you are looking back..... Welcome home,you have been greatly missed.

Congradulations Whitney on your much anticipated comeback for your adoring fans and the world...been a longtime fan of yours since the eighties,followed your music through the years.your wonderful,touching,inspirational music has always touched my heart with love and excitement!!! just bought your new cd on the first day of release. And i have to tell u,Omg!!! the cd is a fantastic first class production recording with,exciting catchy sounds of (million dollar bill) by Alicia keys,and the gospel sound of (i look to you) and of course,the redemptive sound of (i didn't know my own strength) which are all wonderful, encouraging, inspirational songs for anyone having a hard time in their lives,at this moment. this is where Whitney shines!!!

i am soooo glad you are back Whitney!!! you have a wonderful singing voice that god blessed you with,and we as your adoring fans,are greatful for your wonderful,loving music!!! Thank you,Thank you,Thank you Whitney!!!!!!!!

may god bless you Whitney,and your family for your successful return to the music world and your loyal fans forever. Whitney houston,voice of an angel !!!!

thank you!!!

love technoman


we love u whitney houston. your'e everybody's idol!! i hope u do some concerts so all your fans can watch u. you are the best!!!

Just want to tell you that its nice to see that your doing well and I hope you keep things real. Dont give in to all the negative things this world brings us just give us your genuine voice and heart like you did in the begining of your career. If you do that; things will be just great. God Bless.

Lookin good girl , lookin real good. So very glad your are back! the new song is inspiring and takes me to a place where I`m speaking to God and, he can here me. Thank you for comming back to us !

Welcome Back Home, Lady Whitney! We all have hill and mountains to overcome, climbing Jacobs Ladder. The most profound words, "I didn't know my own strength," is something we all should want to be able to say if indeed we are growing. Whew! I didn't know my own strength, but I do know that my strength, as with yours, is supported by a Higher Power. Keep on climb'n baby girl. Keep on keeping on. Mad prayers and support, always. What a great return the Universe purposed for us and you. Congratulations on your desire to continually climb. I wish for you all that you wish for yourself. I'm not a fan, I'm a friend!

Ms. Whitney - every time I think of this new cd I get teary eyed. God has something so big in store for you it is going to blow your mind. The writers that are going to be bringing songs to you are vast so get ready. He is going to do this so that no one, not you, not the writers, not the producers, not ANYONE will be able to take credit for it. Keep God first and everything else next. He has equipped you for a mighty work woman of God, a mighty work. Continue to look to God for your strength everyday. The road we travel as Christians is not always easy, but if you keep walking, keep trusting Him, and girl... when you get to the end, the reward...my, my, my, my, my...He knows where He wants you to go, who He wants you to work with, who He wants you to associate with. Seek His face in every decision you have to make. Be blessed. Jeremiah 29:11 is so perfect for you. Take it and keep it in your heart.

I like "For the Lovers" very much. Welcome back Smile

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