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Whitney Houston in Jet Magazine


Whitney Houston graces the cover of Jet Magazine this month. Whitney sits down with the mag to talk about her #1 new album, talking with Oprah and how her family played a pivotal role in her return to the music industry. Be sure to grab a copy of Jet, on stands now!

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Hi! I am so excited that your light is bright again one morning in 2003 God just placed you on my heart. I cried for days not completely understanding what was going on but I stayed in that secrete place God knew you were gonna make it. I am so glad that you made it through. God wins

mo ke gone mo re go bitsang "a great come back"o tshware fela jalo.may God continue 2 bless u.j^adore tu

Brava! God Bless!

Graduations on your comeback and I like your song “I Look To You”, One question, Is it based off the song “I Turn To You” by Command and Control done in 2003?


Whitney. Keep smiling and keep singing the good music. we will always support you.


Whitney , Love your new album , love you , you still look beautiful as ever and you still have that sweet smile .... You never left you were alaways there in my eyes... God Bless with love Smile

Beautiful I'll get my copy today!!!


from# 1 fan.....one word beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Awww, look at Nippy. Hmmm, I bought this magazine from 7Eleven. LOL.....

Hi Whitney, Gediminas me as I am 18 years old I is Lithuanian, I like your music very much hope in your concert but I have not been possible noreciau ever will be made available to you.