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Whitney Houston Greets Fans In London


Whitney Houston's "Nothing But Love" Tour continues on in Europe and during her stop in the UK, Whitney met some very supportive fans. Take a look at Whitney's second group of Platinum Travel Experience Ticket buyers below, they look so happy to see Whitney!

Whitney's London Meet & Greet #2

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There soo luckyy for meeting her i wishh i couldd carntt waitt forr junee to see her livee lovee you whitney Smile xxxxxxxx

always prayed for you and pray that God will lift up mine as well, I know u will be too large for the glory of God, and I believe that one day tell my testimony to vece personally do not give up do not stop fighting because God will always be with you percevere until the end of his life even if it seems that he has no more forces will televantar believe he loves you and always will love you and I!!

Beautiful photos and snapshots. I really hope there is a meet & greet like that in the U.S. if Whitney tours here sometime soon. It is so nice to see a real singer be faithful and stay true with her fans for all this time.

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See u in Manchester very soon ! Love Smile

I've been wanting to write this for over a week now, but because my normal job has me traveling all the time, I just haven't had the time.

I live in Long Island, NY. I attended the London concert on the 28th of April. I had front row, and Whitney was probably the most emotional and outgoing I have ever seen at any concert. She spoke about Bobby, addressed the press, and was just in an overall good mood despite the backlash she receives.

I flew over to London for one purpose....to pray with Whitney. I got that opportunity. It was incredible. God was very good to me. I was supposed to be in Dublin, but the ash destroyed that, but God had other plans...with the help of the Platinum Club (Mark and Tim)...My friend and I got over to London the following week. They had been keeping Whitney's people in the loop with our plans....we spent a lot of money, and we had no idea how we were going to get money back from anything. Close to $2300 was spend (each) on plane, hotel, package, tickets, etc....we had some real scares about getting any money back, or even getting any credit....but once again...Mark and Tim were wonderful in working everything out. They gave us several options so we didn't have to lose anything.

I have about 7 pictures of me meeting Whitney...and I got amazing shots from the concert (sitting front row)....Whitney and I got to speak about some mutual friends we have in the states (primarily in ministry), the fact that we came from Long Island (she was so happy we made it), and basically expressed how we feel about her. After she met everyone else....she was kinda looking at me in a way that was like, "Yeah...you and I are on the same page"....so I came over to her. She hugged me, and I hugged her 2 times...and I whispered in her ear...I wanted to pray for you....and at that point, with my head nuzzled into her shoulder near her ear, I got the chance to pray for her!!!

As I was reciting scripture to her in my prayer and using it as a means to build her up, Whitney was finishing the scriptures before I said it. In other words, in "church circles" she was in agreement with what I was saying, and she knew that we came from the same place spiritually. I claimed over her that "No Weapon formed against her (the media) would prosper, and that "He who started a good work in her will be faithful to complete it". I just prayed for her heart, soul, and physical body...she couldn't have been anymore receptive. It was quick, but she didn't let go of me, nor try to rush it. She was very grateful and even said, "I felt your spirit all night in the front row (she had seen us there)....we were a encouraging her the entire time, and I guess she heard it..."I fed off of you guys". It was truly a moment...

I gave her people gifts for her...devotionals, a beautiful bag with a praying woman on it, a pink and silver criss for Kristina with a matching hat....letters from some of my friends in ministry (that she would know), and some pictures.

Now...if somebody can guide me into posting pics I will. They are on "My Computer", and even on my facebook....I'm just not computer savvy.



I hope Whitney comes to the U.S.A Ive never seen her in concert but its a dream of mine and if she comes ill be there!

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I have always loved you Whitney there was something about u from
the beginning of your singing career ,You r Special. And
I don't care who
come after u they will never take your spot ,in my heart. And I know there's
a place in Heaven for you.

Hi everyone,

I was yesterday to the Whitney's perfom in Antwerp. It's was AMAZING, she's definitely gorgeous.
Gog bless Whitney, you are the one and the only one, you are our inspisration in the music!