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Whitney Houston on Don Cornelius


"I grew up watching SOUL TRAIN and I was privileged to perform on the show at the beginning of my career and on several more occasions. Don opened the door for many artists. He was a great pioneer."
-Whitney Houston

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Well said my friend! Always makes the world smile to see one of your classics. I am sure that Mr. Cornelius and the Soul Train family were as touched by your gift as we all were.

Dear Whitney
Absoute beautiful song. I love it.
Good bless you

Very meaningful, Whitney. I was devistated hearing that Don Cornelius ended his own life in suicide. He will definitely be missed.

as beautiful as this song might be,and it is,it's also so sad that Don died this way at this age.

Another great Whitney performance! Thanks for sharing. Don Cornelius positively influenced the lives of so many entertainers.

I am so, so very overwhelmed, I am almost speechless. I never, never imaged, much less thought that I would see this day come true in my lifetime, especially at my age, I still cannot believe it is true!

Since about 8 or 9 Whitney Houston has impacted my life in ways that are almost indescribable, starting with her very first recording, which was practically the ONLY cassette in the house at the time, while being ostracized and derided by my very own family and others this woman's vocal prowess and music created structure for me to want more than what I heard and saw; that is still a feeling unmatched by any, except Jesus Christ, Himself! I am almost still beyond words at this point, as this entertainer, legend, vocal genius and so much more was so much more than that to me, she was in many regards a catalyst for me being the man and person I am to this very day and I will make a change from this day day forth...I will live, think and act differently henceforth......I am deeply, deeply saddened and heartbroken by her unfortunate demise, but, I don't blame anyone......JESUS "I LOOK TO YOU" as all things point to Your sovereignty and grace.....I knows all things work to and for Your glorious plan and I trust Your providence as our lives our in Your precious hands!

She was unquestionably and arguably the most talented vocalist of this or any passed century! I am still in total shock..................let's keep the family in our prayers, God bless all who read this post, let's pray and keep each other close and near in prayer and love!


I love Whitney Houston