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<em>"The pipes were in full working order... (Whitney) was engaged and happy to be on stage...She’s definitely back.” – The Guardian</em>

<em>"You could not help but admire a performer who, in the face of the negative press, stood up tonight to give her all. And Houston gave all she could.” – The Independent</em>

<em>“Still a hugely charismatic performer” – The Times</em>

<em>“The power of the voice is still there after all these years.” – Daily Mirror</em>

Last night Whitney Houston launched the European leg of her World tour with a commanding performance in Birmingham (UK) pleasing both fans and critics alike.

Performing hits such as "I Wanna Dance with Somebody", "I Look to You", "I Will Always Love You" and "Million Dollar Bill", Whitney clearly enjoyed every second of her return to the UK stage as over 11,000 fans cheered her on.

Entertaining the crowd along with Whitney was a fantastic band, energetically choreographed dancers, and a beautiful multifunction stage set designed by world-renowned designer Baz Halpin (who has previously worked with Cher, Tina Turner, Pink, Michael Buble and Cirque de Soleil.)

After a brief illness which caused her to reschedule 4 of her earlier shows, Whitney has showed the world she is back in full force with a strong show to entertain her fans.

Whitney’s tour continues over the next two months in Europe.

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I hope it Smile

<a href="http://www.southernhistory.net/user.php?op=userinfo&uname=dominicgue

It's good to see the light back in your eyes--
This is for you---with love.

I am not the woman I was,
Or the woman I'll be yet…
I keep reaching for what's higher,
Stretching from each step.

At times, I may have faltered
And stumbled 'long life's way
In these times I gathered strength
And I learned how to pray…

For I know I have a purpose
And I know I have a task,
A task that God has given me,
Lord, guide me… this I ask.

For I'm not the woman I was
Or the woman I'll be yet
But this much I am sure of
When I breathe my final breath--

I'll be the woman God thought of,
Before He formed my hand
I know you'll see the woman in me
The woman that He planned…

Sharon Frye

My favorite Artist forever! there is more strength inside, just keep reaching, keep praying, keep believing. God will see you through it all over and over again.

Whitney you are an AMAZING...AWESOME...INCREDIBLE...BEAUTIFUL woman! I have enjoyed your singing for a very long time...I prayed that God would deliver you when you were going through those trying times in your life and I know so many others did too... I'm glad that God gave you another chance to get back on that stage where you belong...and I hope to see you in film again too! Please take care of yourself. You do not need to exhaust yourself doing so many concerts and put so much pressure and strain on yourself and your voice to sell records! You are a legend! You can make records, film and make guests appearances...and people would be so excited to buy your records...see your movies...and anxious to see you making guests appearances on television, etc...and I'm sure you would make just as much money and more doing that. Mainley you would be taking care of you...Please...take a step back...Your fans want to see you around for a very long time...you are very---very---special! And I want you to know that I am still praying for you...and I wish you the very best. God bless you.

Your Sister In Christ,
Aretha Roberts

Whitney - Just a few observations I think would improve your recent performances. Stop wearing those hot coats - you don't need them. I think you are getting too over heated and out of breath. Stop ...- stopping to talk to the audience in the middle of the song...stay focused.
You get off track.....

When you are singing I will alway love you ..picture yourself in the bodyguard movie..and sing like you are there all over again. Just close your eyes and imagine and don't stop.

You know you are precious to us - and we just pray for your voice to be there for you 100%.

Don't give up - keep trying - it will be there "all the time" when you want to be. Your voice is a precious gift from God. Take care of it. You know how.

You cannot imagine how i have ran out of patience as i waited for you fantastic return.
Before you finish this first tour, those who thaught negative of you will want another tour from you
We cannot keep waiting for you in Africa
As we love you so much and ""WIll ALWAYS LOVE YOU''

What can I say, you are fabulous. I am sooo happy you are back. I brought the new album as soon as it hit the stores. Love it. My 4 years old son sings right along with me. Don't listen to the media. Your fans love you. Keep your head up. You will prevail. Stay strong my sister.

Dear Whitney,

É lamentavel saber que existem pessoas como está que escreveu este artigo no endereçco a seguir http://www.sidneyrezende.com/noticia/59900+. Quem é que nunca errou, ou melhor aquele que não tem nenhum pecado atira a primeira pedra.

A mídia ou melhor os críticos estão sempre a procura de um alvo para colocar como um Deus ou como um Diabo. No casa de Whitney, deveriamos nos sentir honrados e orgulhosos por ela estar de volta, e tentando recuperar sua vida dignamente. Se pudessemos olhar com o nosso coração, independente das músicas serem boas ou não, depois de tudo que ela passou, é um prazer imensamente ouvir o que neste momento ela tem para oferecer, mas tenho certeza ainda terá muito mais a oferecer para nós, basta acreditarmos que isto é possível.

Acho o que falta é que as pessoas se lembrem o que a jurada Amanda do Britain's God Talent após ouvir Susan Boyle ter cantando magnificamente I dreams a dreams dizer: I AM THRILEED CAUSE I KNOW THAT EVERYBODY WAS AGAINST YOU. I HONESTLY THINK WERE ALL BEING VERY CYNICAL AND I THINK THAT'S THE BIGGEST WAKE UP CALL EVER AND I JUST WANT TO SAY IT WAS A COMPLETE PRIVILEGE LISTENING TO THAT.

Seria interessante que as pessoas que escreveram matérias igual a esta, de uma olhadinha no YOU TUBE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY. Quem sabe assim você terá bons olhos para ver que quando caimos e levantamos como Whitney está fazendo, é mais que um prêmio, é um grande dadiva de Deus.

A música I LOOK TO YOU representa em sua luta o seu sofrimento e a sua determinação em se levantar, independente de ser uma melodia fraca ou careta, não para na minha opinião, reflete a superação de quem foi ao fundo do poço.

Whitney I am so glad to know that God is looking for you. Give all the things to him, and I am sure you will be achieve more than you have achieve at this time. Congratulations and God bless you forever.

Denir, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

I saw you last night Whitney in Belgium you made me cry.
Your performance was so heartfelt and you gave it your all x
I do and will always love you Whitney <3
Always your Sarah x x x x x