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Whitney, Her Mother Cissy and Her Father John


Whitney, her mother Cissy and her father John at home in East Orange, New Jersey early on in Whitney's career. This was from the early mid-80s.

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Sweet, Nippy !! Of East Orange, New Jersey, to the world !!! IWALY!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

Ohhh......., I love this picture! The 3 of them look so happy. Thank you, Houston family for sharing. Smile

Today The Greatest Diva Of All Times, would complete 51 years old. She put her beautiful voice on several songs, and hearts rejoiced in every corner of the world, but what she liked, and wanted to do was sing to God and this she did more and better than everyone. In their toughest moments, she cried out, for his God, and He heard. Today she rests in Paradise, and should be singing in a Choir Angels, and of course, very happy. This world is very heavy and violent for special people like you, Whitney Elizabeth Houston!!! Jesus loves you, and I too!!! Happy Birthday!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 R.P.I. Congratulations to all the clubs fans, from around the world that are celebrating the birthday of Whitney Houston!!! Love

Happy Birthday! A voice that rejoices in celebration!
Certainly a LEGEND, that voice lives on.

My Tribute I created for, 2012, for Whitney Houston with this lovely picture the I loved http://youtu.be/g4gXbDD4u6E

Happy Birthday, Whitney Houston. May you hear our thoughts about you today.