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Whitney At The Grammys


It's one of the biggest weekends in music - that's right The Grammys! We just love this adorable pic of Whitney when she won "Best Pop Vocal Performance" at the 28th Awards for her hit "Saving All My Loving."

She even gave an amazing performance of the song!

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In this time of family and friends bereavement of Whitney who was in my view, as I am sure in a number of other view, one of the best female vocalist of all time. Whitney’s voice was very distinctive to the point that when you hear a song you could easily tell it was her singing. My condolence goes out to her family and I wish God’s power and strength for her daughter Bobbi Kristina who the focus should also be on during this time.

Friends and supporters of the celebrity, as we reflect on Whitney’s life let’s not forget where her heart was, and that was with Christ. Often times we are tempted to morn the lost of loves ones but this is truly a time to rejoice as Whitney has now gone home, we may not understand why so soon, but that’s the beauty of faith, it is not on our time but on our belief of a better life.
I have read many tributes to Whitney and also read and listened to many accounts of her life, but as we all know gossip sells papers and intrigues viewers and listeners of news. True supports of Whitney will look beyond the “demons” that beset her and reflect on the message that is glorified in her life and that is, we are all vulnerable people who need the guidance of a higher power to get us through our time on earth, and when we feel the end is near or our life is out of control, the divine healing power of Christ will not fail us even unto death.
Let’s encourage others to focus on the many years of positive goodwill and inspirational messages that Whitney left with all of us, such as “I will always love you...”!

Your voice will be remembered forever. You looked to Him and He lifted you up into His arms. You are now with your Father, the only one that you could really turn to and count on. I pray for your family, that they not only overcome this tragedy, but continue to draw from him for strength. Sing with the Angels sounds of Praise Whitney - your home now! RIP.

I never cry for celebrities, but I cried this morning for Whitney Houston. My heart broke for her a long time ago when Bobbi Brown first got his clutches on her. I have always believed, and still do, that she is the greatest pop singer ever born. It wasn't just that magnificent voice. When she started out, she had a sweetness, freshness, and exuberance that made my heart sing. She lost her way. We all saw that. And it seems like she never quite recovered because she never lost that vulnerability and fragility in her inner core. She was tough on the surface only. She needed help. I know God is loving and merciful, and I believe she belonged to Him and that He never let her go. Maybe He took her because He didn't want to see her suffer anymore. Maybe He just wanted to pick Her up and wrap her up in His arms and say, "It's okay, Whitney. You're home and now you can lead the angels with the gift I gave you."

"I will always <strong>LOVE</strong> you" <strong>Whitney Houston</strong> Sad
<strong>Rest In Peace</strong>

will fell eternity

will fell eternity

This was a beautiful woman, her smile could bring smiles to anyONE not even smiling. I've watched her and listened to her music all our lives. I've seen her sadly stumble but with the physical strength she had I've seen her come back but fragile. This woman had everything at one time that this world could offer and she deserved to enjoy the good things......however getting into recreational drugs is not always controllable. Marrying someone you love more than life itself and the marriage going south can break anyones heart. I truly feel her broken heart, drugs, and changing of her top of the world career has killed her. I personally can relate on a certain level here but I'm so thankful I MADE IT OUT OF THOSE DARK TIMES OF DRUG USE AND BROKEN HEART.
People GO buy her music listen and enjoy her and remember her and maybe in her next life she'll come back as a peaceful guardian angel....and watch over someone....it could be YOU.

RIP #1 Diva!!! I love you and will always remember you and your music.

It is great sadness that I learned of the death of MRS WHITNEY HOUSTON.
I will keep memory his songs,her crystalline voice with a huge talent and exemplar artist.
I present to her family,producer,her records company (ARISTA AND BMG) all over the world,her friends,and finally to her fans worldwide my deepest sympathy for the misfortune that has struck.
Whitney will remain for me eternal,and I will never forget the songs she has left us and has joined the angels in the night sky and glistening.
Greetings from france,
best regards


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You will never be' forgotten
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