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Whitney featured in Detroit Free Press


Whitney Houston has jumped back into the spotlight with the announcement of her brand new feature film, Sparkle. The Detroit Free Press recently ran an amazing article on the movie. Check out a portion here:

The Whitney Houston who came to Detroit last month to begin filming "Sparkle" is a different actress from the one who debuted on the big screen in 1992's "The Bodyguard."

How? "Well, I'm older now and more mature," said the singing legend via e-mail to the Free Press.

Not only has Whitney matured as a person but she's also become quite the actress and film producer. To read more of the article, click here.

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I grew up in the 70's-80's, and Whitney was part of that experience. Her music and that indelible voice of hers put a smile on your face and brightened your mood immediately. I grieve that she could not find that same comfort that flowed so effortlessly to others, but I know 100% for a fact that her soul is with god in eternity , and one day those that loved her whether family or friends , will pass that way themslelves and jubilantly sing in the heavenly choir together.

I want to send a hug of love and compassion to her daughter Bobbi C. and to all other family and friends grieving together . We will all get through this together and I hope through god in heaven and our faith in god that our thoughts and prayers will reach you , comfort you and give you just a bit of extra strength to get through today, so you can face all your tomorrows.

Your mom would want the best of all things for you little one, she would thank you momma for giving her the tools to be the best she possibly could be and give hugs and kisses to all her fans and friends and family alike for supporting her through ever lasting friendship and love.

God bless us all, and God bless you Whitney for giving so freely of your god given gift.


I am so offended by Nancy Grace's comments in the media that it has sickened me to think that any journalist or lawyer...whatever she may be...can spew knowledge of yet is not yet known about the death of Whitney.....Come on people, aren't we all human beings with different vulnerabilities....God bless her family and loved ones

This goes out to Ms. Cissy, I cannot begin to imagine the gut-wrenching pain of losing a child and my heart aches for you in your time of loss. May GOD keep you strong and surround you with much support and love from family and friends, and may you find comfort in the years that come. We, her fans miss and love Whitney so, so much but nothing we feel comes anywhere close to what you must be feeling and have to endure. GOD bless you and your family.

Whitney I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU ..........words can't even put to path the way i feel but you will always live here in our hearts you are the best singer in the world i love you..............

Whitney,U will be miss,but not forgotten 'I'll Always Love you Whitney Houston Now u have your wings. So Fly free Beautiful Angel Your not in pain any more.

Prayers to the Houston family. May He give you peace and comfort as you mourn the loss of Whitney. Thank you for sharing Whitney's funeral with the world. It's amazing to think how many people will hear the Gospel for the first time. Only our Lord knows how many people will come to know Jesus as the result of this celebration of Whitney's life! God Bless you.

u will surely b miss & also u will alwayz b remember. i love all ur song

Thank you for sharing Whitney with us for so many years. Her life truly was a testimony of training a child up in a way that she should go and when she became older, she did not depart from it. The Spirit of God kept her and the Word of God led and strengthened her. My heart was made glad today...I pray that the Word is hidden in the hearts of the hearers so that lives are transformed from the inside out! R.I.P. Whitney and continue to rejoice in your redeemed body until we meet again! God Has Spoken! Your life was not in vain.

Whitney made herself a gift to her fans and she loved her fans. She always gave to others in many ways and was a shoulder to lean on to many. It was really ironic and very fitting that she went to her final resting place while leaning on other people's shoulders while delivering to the whole world her favorite song and very fitting song one last time. What was really powerful to myself and I would imagine to many others, is that she brought the whole world to her beloved church and in the process also united many people as an additional benefit, something I believe she would have wanted because that is the kind of person she was. I am NOT a church goer, but she brought me to church whether or not that is what she intended to do. She will always be remembered for her giving,friendly,fun and loving character as well as her golden voice. I never knew her, but I know her character and type of person she was. She will always be loved!

Rest in peace and love Whitney,

Bruce - A big fan of yours who you never met