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I must be very honest, when I say that I am SO disappointed with the finished product. I am one of the biggest Whitney Houston fans. The sound is not Whitney. The only song, in my opinion, with the resemblance of Whitney of old is 'I Didn't Know My Own Strength.' The melodies were smooth and the vocals patient and drawn, as suits her style. The other songs were rushed and abrupt, not like the Whitney we have come to know and love.

Yes, Whitney has lost a little in her voice, but this will return! I am no Clive Davis, but I feel she needs a 'crutch' CD more than anything. What I mean, is a CD with duet's and songs with contemporary artists. Only allow two tracks to have solo's. Confidence is a must! It isn't there right now, but I know she can get it back. She just needs the right mix of support and songwriters to make it work. Whitney and Clive, man I love you guys...This project needs more work.


Shame on you us radios! Hasn't played well i look to you or million dollar bill is totaly crazy! Maybe when us radios realizes that the entire world loves whitney they are gonna change your minds.
I look to you is so far the best album of the year

She's the best idol of mine ,Thank you for all of your song Whitney!

It is Sunday morning, the day before your anticipated release of your new CD. All I can say is BRAVO!!!! I have followed your career for many years and in fact your concert in Southern Calfiornia was my very first concert.

Ms. Houston, like many of your fans, I also have watched from afar and also prayed for your return. Your music not only inspires but gives hope to the hopeless. As the tears run down my face and I listen to your first release on itunes, "I look to you", I am so happy and if I may be so bold to say, proud of you! You come back is a rebirth for your fans as well...fans that have struggled, fallen and reached out a hand and been pulled from the darkness.

My heart is filled and hope abounds
Whitney, you were lost but now found
May your voice be heard deep in the soul
of all who listen with their heart.

I look to you to be a beacon of strength and confidence.
May God bless you in every aspect of your life.

Thank you for giving more of yourself....I am looking forward to many years of my heart and soul filled with your words and "hastening to his throne" because your angelic voice gives a glimpse of "Heavens Choir"

Looking forward to tomorrow!!!


Whitney, Amazing CD, You have no idea, the lives that will be saved as a result of "I LOOK TO YOU.......My God bless and keep you strong!!!!

"I LOOK TO YOU" What an amazing gift you've given back as a result of your recovery.............They say that everything happens for a reason...GOD brought you through the darkness and is using you...Oh the lives you have touched and saved wth this song and the cd is not yet released.. Giving back is the best way to continue in your own recovery... May GOD continue to bless and keep you...Thank you

Whitney, girl I thank God All Mighty that u are back. Your music just touches my soul. I cant explain how overly excited I am to Finally hear your beautiful heavenly voice once more. Girl stay strong and know that your true fans have never left u and are still here....Keep up the good work girl....and btw...LOVE the new album.

Whitney... é bom tela de volta!
(Whitney.. is good have you back !)
O Brasil aguarda seu retorno, após 15 anos, de sua ultima apresentação!
(Brazil wait for you after your last concert, 15 years ago)


The Voice Is Back
Glenda R. Taylor

Whitney Houston is back. I Look To You, the long awaited CD from the legendary vocalist Whitney Houston is welcomed and refreshing in a music world filled with on-the-job training “vocalists” who believe that they can sing because they have a string of hit records. The CD is a reminder of true talent and a tribute to all women who have survived personal trauma. I Look To You is uplifting and Houston is operating from that spiritual place of strength and determination to stand tall after being wounded and bruised. Lady Houston gives voice to her doubts, conflicting emotions, faith and determination in songs such as I Never Knew My Strength, I Got You and Like I Never Left.
The album is destined to be a collectible to music connoisseurs who hunger for good songs with quality lyrics and music that does not smother the vocals. It is exciting to know that Lady Houston kept her sound contemporary without selling herself cheap. There is no moaning, groaning or senseless rhymes meant to shock or sell records. She uses the best writers and producers of today which include R. Kelly, Alicia Keys and Akon. The lyrics are well thought out and tell Houston’s story with taste and style. The title song, I Look To You, encapsulates the beauty of her voice. She can still mesmerize the listener and place one in awe of her ability to use her voice as an illustrious instrument.

There is no one song that is remarkable. What is remarkable is Lady Houston’s versatility. She offers classic Pop. But, Houston uses this CD to give her fans access to her roots in R&B and Soul. Throughout the CD, she graces the listeners with her soulful roots which she carefully guarded and used sparingly in the 80s and 90s. Songs such as A Song ToYou and Nothin’ But Love are soulful and refreshing, combining Pop, Soul and dance music. Stay By The Phone makes the CD calming while confronting the stress of today’s busy lifestyle.

Some like to say that Whitney Houston has trashed her voice and she is not the vocalist that she was years ago. Yet, this CD proves that she still has a rich and powerful voice; one that is incomparable. Houston raised the bar. She has sold over one hundred and seventy million records and videos; had number one hits and multi- platinum records; won enough awards to be placed in the Guinness Book of World Recordss; sung songs that music historians will discuss generations from now; and created a music and film legacy that cannot be extinguished. She may have temporarily been away from the music scene to deal with her demons. But, she left while she was still having hit records and after almost twenty five years in the business, Houston continues to have fans and critics anxiously anticipating her latest release. Not many artists, past or present, can make that claim.

It has never been the number of hit songs that makes a great artist. It is not even the longevity of an artist that defines her worth; it is the quality and level of artistry that creates true greatness. This CD shows that Houston continues to distinguish herself by producing the work of a master artist and has an undeniably great voice; a voice that is in a league of its own. She is not a public relations creation, using her beauty or sexuality to sell records. The daughter of one of the greatest gospel voices of our time: Cissy Houston; the cousin of one of the most successful and unique Pop vocalist of the twentieth century: Dionne Warwick; a family member of the Drinkard Gospel singers; Whitney Houston is umbilically linked to the greats. She draws upon that foundation and smiles, singing and telling the haters that she has “Nothin’ But Love” for them.

Houston is aware that she is being judged and she knows that she has no true competition. Lady Houston has proven that she is still the best; dancing with her voice where other singers only dream of going. Critics can always find fault. But, Houston needs to go back into the studio and keep crafting those classics like I Got You and the new passionately sung women’s anthem: Salute. Decades after we are all gone, The Voice will still be calibrating on the airwaves giving future generations goose bumps.

Glenda R. Taylor is a distinguished cultural historian who has written many articles and music reviews. She is the author of books such as Truth Beyond Illusion: African American Women 1860s -1950s and The Secrets of Success.

i agree with you Butch 31 , somethings are better not said ! Whitney much love Puzzled)