"We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston" Set to Air November 16th on CBS | The Official Whitney Houston Site

"We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston" Set to Air November 16th on CBS


Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson and Usher are the first performers announced for the one-hour CBS Entertainment Special, which pays tribute to six-time Grammy winner Whitney Houston and tapes Oct. 11 at the Nokia Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE.

The special will air, November 16th on CBS. For more details, click here.

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My Whitney will always be first in everything. Without her voice, the world lost grace. There will never be a singer like Whitney. She was and will always be the best singer this world has ever heard. I will always love Whitney Houston. Whitney deserves all the accolades in the world and I think really cool because it was and will always be our angel voice unmatched and most beautiful in the world!! Whitnney love you!! We, his fans, always will love you Whitney!!!

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The Release Of Whitney's My Love Is Your Love Tour and Documentary
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Thanks for the info..... I'm absolutely devoted to embark on this journey of supporting to push the release of Whitney's live performances on DVD......

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Whiterabbit, I'll start from the exterior of the school all the way thru to the inside....... each week I'll rotate the pics.

I can hardly wait to see this special to pay tribute to one of the best singers of the 20th Century. Whitney you always were and always will be a class act in my book!! I miss you very much!!

I have this overwhelming feeling of loneliness since the passing of my beloved mother a week ago and needed some comfort from some friends on this site, however; upon opening this website, I notice the BIG change...and......honestly I'm no longer interested in visiting this site again. I don't care for the new set up! It's confusing and time consuming to find what you're looking for....Sadly, I will not visit this site again and it hurts me to have to do this because I so dearly love Whitney Houston and want to keep her memory alive just like my beautiful mother...who are both rejoicing in heaven right now.... Whiterabbit, you were such a wonderful online friend of mine and I wish we can keep in touch.....My heart my change one day with revisiting this site but for now, NO CHANCE! I'm disappointed big time!

Kimberlyn36, I don't like the change either. But I am willing to give it a chance because I have met many kind people here, like yourself. I hope you are feeling a little better, if that's possible. Time will pull you through. I was going to visit the Grammy Museum this weekend. Here is my email address: whiterabbit1201@gmail.com. I never post it on a website, but I'm really hoping you'll jump on one more time to read this. Please send me an address where I can mail you your souvenir, as promised. I hope I hear from you, my friend. Peace~WR.

P.S.: Kimberlyn, besides you've just begun sharing your pics from The Whitney Academy. We're eagerly awaiting the rest!

Upon entering the site of my dear Whitney, I came across the change. I was surprised and did not like, but the immense love I feel for Whitney will make me accept and overcome this unpleasant change. Above all I love Whitney and will not be changing that this will keep me away from her things. I'll always love you my dear singer angelic voice!!

Today is my birthday and I'm at home drinking wine and listening to one of the wonderful CDs of our beloved Whitney, I love you and I love even more that it is the best and greatest singer in the world!! I love you Whitney!! Salute to all!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DiWhitney!!! Good for you in having some wine and listening to Whitney to celebrate your special day. Let me guess, you are listening to "I Look To You" cd, right? That's why you said, "Salute to you all!"

Yes, there has been a change to the website. I am trying to be open-hearted and accept the changes as something good. One nice thing, is that they have added a photo album with many pictures of Whitney with her fans from her VIP Platinum club on tour. And, another nice thing is that the conversations have been categorized into subjects. So we no longer have to read about concrete mixers and weight loss programs if we don't want to. Smile I wish Kimberlyn would see it this way. She has left the site. I think she's having a very hard time losing her mother. We only got to see the first picture of the Whitney Academy. I really hope she comes back. I miss her already.