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We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston Airs Tonight


Tune in TONIGHT at 10pm EST on CBS to watch the special “We Will Always Love You: A GRAMMY® Salute to Whitney Houston”. For details, click here.

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What a wonderful tribute! Miss you Whitney Sad

Beautiful!! A perfect production. What a beautiful evening. I hope everyone was able to watch it. Her awe-striking contribution to mankind is timeless. Miss you lots, Gurl.

Unfortunately I have not had the privilege of watching this beautiful tribute to this Diva from another planet, who has been with us for 48 years, wowing us with her ​​beauty, her talent and her beautiful voice Angelic!! Just saw the presentation of Usher and Whitney's own Facebook page by THEWHITNEYVAULT and my heart ached a lot of sadness and longing!! WHITNEY SALUTE!! I'll always love you bigger and better Diva World!!

Whitney.... She is a Breathe of Fresh Air into all of our Lives, I watched the Tribute of Whitney and what a Angel is still is and so Breath taking and I truly loved the Tribute and taped it on CD and loved it and goosebumps from her voice was like she was still here in "SPIRIT" TOTAL AMAZING" and her Daughter is so very Beautiful and Her Family Pictures just tear jerking too me. But God has got a Amazing Voice called Whitney and she is "Celebrating" for sure.
God Bless All,
Lucinda Borowiecki God Bless All

Kimberlyn not know what to say to comfort your heart. I can only say that I understand the pain you are feeling at the loss of your dear mother and no less dear Whitney. It's excruciating pain that no one can take from us. Only God in His great love our hearts can relieve this pain when we lost special people we love. I ask God to strengthen your heart so that you can endure this endless pain of the loss of his mother and of our beloved and unforgettable Whitney. SALUTE FRIEND!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

I was with my anguished heart without knowing why and suddenly came to my mind CD The Preacher's Wife. Thanks to Angelic voice of Whitney is my anguish was because I felt closer to God by listening to your beautiful songs. Thank you Whitney!! Jesus loves you and so do I!!!

The show was a nice thing to do for the woman.

"And like the river finds the sea, I was lost, but now I'm free..."

It seems as though Spotify has pulled the song I Love the Lord from its playlist.
It might be an error but these days it might not be an error.

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