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Watch Whitney Houston's Performance on DWTS Finale


Whitney Houston was absolutely amazing on the finale of Dancing With The Stars last night. Take a look at her great performances of "Million Dollar Bill" and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" below!

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

"Million Dollar Bill"

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Wonderful Performance
Tremendously Great

* a w s o m e * is what you are Whitney, your performances were great and you look great, and i love the relationship you have with your daughter, she's an angel. I can look into your face and see that she's an inspiration to you and that is your boost. I certainly hope your staff allows you to read some of your comments from fans because we all want you to know how proud/supportive of you we all are. GLAD TO SEE THE STRONG COMEBACK. I knew this day would come for you and B.Christina. I wanna share this with you, when you first started singing and i would watch you sing, i thought you were the prettiest singer i had ever seen and you had the perfect teeth. then one day at work i had an argument with a coworker because she was putting you down and it made me mad because i think the world of you(she's has issues though, still does, lol.) I still have that view of you in memory today. so now I have two images of you, then, and now, and I love them both. I will always be a fan of yours. Keep your faith going baby.

Well, I don't know who monitors your website, and I hope that you do get to read these comments. I grew up to listening to your music, I remember all of your videos, and the joy you felt while you were singing your songs, and performing them to your fans. I am very grateful to the Lord, that he saved you just in time, that he did not let you fall, and that you have been given a second chance. Your joy is still very evident in your performances, and it is thrilling, and emotional see you, Ms. Houston, honor us with your God given talent. It is very moving to see how the Lord makes miracles happen everyday, and your are one of those miracles. But, if I may share with you also what I see when I've seen you perform. it seems as though your a bit nervous- perfectly understandable, but sometimes I get the feeling you hold yourself back, take command of your voice, and the stage. People expect you to be the 'old' Whitney, well NO ONE stays the same, we all change, mature, and evolve, and you are no different. You have grown, matured, and evolved, and will continue to do so, and I am happy to see you back again, and I feel very inspired by your honesty, enduring love, and FAITH! Ms. Houston, may God ALWAYS continue to bless you, and your family. Keep fighting!

Whitney, your talents are what they are. You are still the best singer in the business. I have watched that AMA performance 50 times, and I still get chills. God not only gave you one of the most beautiful and commercial voices ever, he also gave you that ability to interpret and effect people with that instrument. I am also a singer, and like "every" singer I have learned so much from you. Thank you for all of your outstanding performances over the years and may God continue to bless you and your family. I am still praying for you! Yours in Christ!

Whitney you are one of the most inspiring and talented people I know.
The past does not define the future.
I love you for who you are and the person that you have become.

Thankyou Whitney.
Thankyou for being you, Thankyou for being there, Thankyou for being who you are and Thankyou for looking after us you fans.

See you In Australia.

Whitney Houston...The Grand Lady of Song! When I heard you sing, "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" on Oprah, the events of my life literally flash before me. Tears came. You thrilled me and brought me joy. In my very difficult years I did not crumble and I am happy to know through God's Grace you came back; not just for fans but for your beautiful child who obviously loves her mom and is proud of you. After you sang at the AMA's the camera flashed to your girl and she said, "That's my mom!". She's beautiful, Whitney and so are you. Go with God's blessings and love. Thank you!

I saw this performance on tv and it was awesome.


I sing and I've already passed through what whitney is facing to actually, and I can tell you it cannot do but a stronger and better performance after, GO WHITNEY YOU ROCK GIRL, YOU HAVE IT IN YOUR BLOOD YOU JUST CANNOT STOP UNLESS YOU DIE

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